Handwriting on the decline among Children

It might not come as much of a surprise that handwriting is one of the skills that’s been on the decline over recent years. With the rise of technology such as ipads, tablets and smart phones, there isn’t such a need for children to be writing as much as they used to. It’s a little worrying as it’s such a vital skill especially for adult life and it also comes with added benefits such as helping with relaxation and focus.

There are plenty of statistics surrounding handwriting, and National Pen have put together a few along with some tips and advice to encouraging your Children to get practising this skill. You can make some fun activities to complete at home, which involve the whole family. Why not take some time to sit down together and write some creative stories, or letters to family members to encourage them to practise their skills? Taking some time out to practise at home will really help them when it comes to handwriting at school.

Take a look at the below infographic for some inspiration and tips, let me know what you get up to and if you have any ways to encourage your children to work on their handwriting!

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