Extreme Parenting or Just a Tired Parent at their Wits End?

As parents we all try our best to be patient, but there are times when that’s simply not possible. After all, we’re all human, and when pushed to our limit we may act without thinking. Does that mean we’re bad parents or does it show that we’re just like everyone else which is in fact, quite normal?

Recently a man was filmed pulling a young child along the floor by her hood. Many people were quick to jump in and criticise, one even comparing the mans actions to abuse.

Personally I don’t see anything wrong with what with the man did. The child wasn’t being harmed, she wasn’t screaming or shouting. In fact she appeared quite calm despite the fact that her arms were folded across her body in what many believe resembles a tantrum.

We’ve all been there!

The first week of January I did my elderly mother in laws food shopping for her. I had to bring our twin girls with me because they weren’t in school, and my husband was working.

In the first shop they were both perfect little angels. One sat in the trolley holding the shopping list, whilst the other helped me to find the items on the shelves. When it came to pay, they both helpfully packed the items away into carrier bags whilst I scanned and paid for them.

I could see other people smiling sweetly at us and the ‘perfect family routine’ we were able to pull off.

It didn’t last much longer though!

In the next shop we needed to buy more things so there was no room for either of them to sit in the trolley. Queue the moment they both constantly hung off the end or side of the trolley, demanded to push the trolley and then crashed into other shoppers along with various food stands before starting an argument amongst themselves about something nonsensical!

Quite how I managed to keep my cool for as long as I did, I’ll never know, but by the time we reached the till I’d had enough and yes, I turned into one of those mothers in the supermarket yelling at her badly behaved kids.

Again, just another snapshot of my day that left passers by perceiving me as the worst mother in the world, despite the earlier angelic scene we’d left behind in the first shop we’d been in!

You see?! I’m human too, and so was that man pulling the child along by her hood!

So before we judge other people, lets take a step back and not jump to conclusions!

3 thoughts on “Extreme Parenting or Just a Tired Parent at their Wits End?

  1. Couldn’t agree more with this! People only tend to see half the story and are so quick to judge the parent for overreacting yet those same people would judge you if they spotted them misbehaving, if you told them off too calmly, (oh you’re being too soft!) or chose to ignore their behavior. We’re all human and sometimes we do snap x

  2. You can’t do anything right these days, always people to judge! As you say we are all human and all lose it from time to time. I lost it a bit yesterday with one of my boys as he told a family secret in School over this game Fortnight that everyone seems happy to play, my one son was being bullied for not playing it so he told a lie and said that he was now playing it, but he just wasn’t fussed on it and he had much better games – bullying stopped ! His twin Brother then went into School and said it was all a lie, so bullying started again, but worse this time as he was of course now a liar as well as a baby for not being able to play an age 12 game whilst only being 8 years old! So I lost it and really shouted at him for telling that his Brother had lied about it. There are always better ways of dealing with things, but sometimes a good rant is unavoidable.

  3. Unfortunately that’s the world we live in nowadays.

    Social media has made it impossible to live our lives the way without fear of being criticised, mocked or abused.

    Everyone has an opinion and sometimes they aren’t the same as others, but that’s ok.

    That guy had probably had an entire day of bad behaviour and did what he did as it was the only way to get out of that situation as quickly as possible. No issues with that.

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