Brilliant Mum Feature 84

Brilliant Mum Feature

Hello and welcome to the Brilliant Mum Feature. Once a week I will be featuring one mum in a bid to find out more about them and their lives.

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Brilliant Mum Feature

This week our brilliant mum feature is Katie from Mummy’s Snowy Owl.

Katie is a 35 year old mum from Nottingham. She’s recently left an office job to be a blogger and have more time with her son and do the school runs! No more childcare for us she says!

Thanks for taking part Katie!

Have you always wanted to be a mum?

Yes. We tried for six years to have our son.

How did you feel when your children were born?

Relief! After 6 years of trying, an easy pregnancy turned problematic with reduced movements, induction and a traumatic birth I was glad he was finally here safely!

What have been your most rewarding experiences so far as a mum?

The smiles he gives and the giggles!

What are some of your funniest moments to have happened to you as a mum?

There’s been a few! One being my son asking quite loudly in a packed toilet, why I was nudey rudey and getting my boobs out. I was wearing a jumpsuit! I also said hello to my reflection in a shop once!

Have there been any situations with your children that you have found difficult to cope with?

On on occasion he turns into Usain Bolt and I once jumped a barrier in Tesco to get to him before he got into the car park. Quite a win for unfit mum!

What are your dreams and hopes for your children?

To be able to follow his dreams and meet his goals.

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