7 Tips to Help You Afford Your Next Holiday

Working full time is difficult, especially if you’re raising a family. With bills to pay and regular expenses that can’t be avoided, taking a holiday is quite often beyond our financial means. Family trips can be expensive and they’re often not a priority. For many, travel getaways, whether it’s a luxurious cruise in the Caribbean or a family excursion to Disneyland, are only a pipedream. Still, we all need a break from time to time in order renew our energy to face the challenges of daily life.

What can we do to make our dreams of travel come true? Possible quick solutions are to take out a loan from a bank or alternatively to purchase travel tickets on credit, but these options are invariably more expensive in the long run. Listed below are seven tips to help make your next holiday possible.

Start saving now. It is exciting to make spur-of-the-moment decisions to take a holiday, but this is not always a feasible possibility. Most of us plan our holidays for quite some time. Instead of being discouraged about the cost of those holidays, we can start saving for them now. Small savings set aside on a regular basis should not have an adverse effect on our daily lives and they build up over time. After all, many of us are already saving for our children’s education or for our own retirement, so why shouldn’t we start saving for a family holiday?

Plan your trip in advance. When we plan our holidays in advance, we can make efforts to get the best possible deal and save money. Online ticketing sites will offer flights for much less, especially if we travel off season or consider less popular destinations. Taking advantage of the lowest prices and the best last minutes deals may make your trip much more affordable.

Keep it simple. While many of us fantasize about staying at a luxurious five-star hotel, that is probably something few can afford. Instead, lower your expectations and consider much simpler accommodations such as booking a short-term stay with Airbnb.

Combine business and pleasure. Some of us may travel frequently as part of our jobs, and that sort of travel is not as relaxing as some might think. When you go out of town to attend a conference or to make a sales trip, arrange to have your family join you for the weekend. Business hotels often offer reduced rates on the weekend and the fact that some of the travel expenses are covered by the office makes this an affordable add-on option.

Set your priorities. We all have monthly expenses that we must cover and there is no shortage of unexpected expenses in our lives as well. Each of us must decide how to allocate our limited funds. Planning for a family holiday may not be a top priority when compared to the need to replace the family car.

Maybe you’ll get lucky. While this is not something you can plan for, it is possible that you’ll come into an unexpected windfall by receiving an inheritance from a close relative. It is also possible that you’ll be able to afford a family holiday by winning the EuroMillions lottery jackpot. In both cases, however, you’ll have to determine what are the wisest ways to spend your money.

Don’t give up. When facing the expenses of our daily lives, we often postpone or cancel our travel plans and that’s a shame. Your family deserves a holiday. Continue to dream, continue to plan, and hopefully next year you’ll be able to afford, and enjoy, your family holiday.

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