Our IVF Journey

The Fertility Clinic Open Evening Our First Consultation Surgical Sperm Retrieval – PESA Treatment Planning Appointment Down Regulation and the Weirdest Experience of my Life with an Acupunturist! Egg Collection Embryo Transfer The Two Week Wait

Twin Dads View on IVF

Before our treatment started, how did you feel about having to undergo IVF? I was apprehensive that it wouldn’t be successful but I was also excited about the prospect of having a baby. I felt fine about all the tests and positive that they would come back with good results. Before you had PESA (Surgical Sperm Retrieval), how were you feeling? Were you nervous? I was very nervous. It had been such a long time since I had my vasectomy. I was worried that they wouldn’t find any sperm but also worried that if they did the quality might not… [Read More]

The Olympics and IVF

You may be wondering what the Olympics could possibly have in common with IVF. Well, quite a lot actually! From overcoming hurdles you face along the way to that long awaited sprint to the finish line, read on to find out more about the ups and downs of infertility and IVF. The picture on the left was taken whilst I was waiting for my husband to be wheeled back from his surgical sperm retrieval. I don’t know why I took this picture! I guess I just thought it was they were nice flowers that had been painted on the wall! … [Read More]

Embryo Transfer

The Joy of Pessaries As many of you know, after egg collection, you face the joy of pessaries and the ever embarrassing back door or front door debate! To be honest, the thought of either ‘door’ sends a shudder down my spine, but without giving it too much thought, I settled for the front door! The pessaries (cyclogest) contains progesterone, which is a female sex hormone. It is essential to help establish a pregnancy after IVF.  Following egg collection, I was in a bit of pain, feeling bloated and just not myself. So, when the joy of diarrhea was added… [Read More]

Egg Collection

Pineapple Juice Before I continue with this post, I should mention that two days before egg collection, I started to drink one small glass of (not from concentrate) pineapple juice a day. Apparently, pineapple juice contains an antioxidant called Selenium which helps to promote a healthy womb lining, which is thought to help aid implantation. Saturday, July 16th 2011. Trigger (HCG) Shot HCG is the pregnancy hormone. The trigger shot helps the follicles to mature and triggers the release of mature eggs from the follicles. The day after the HCG injection is a ‘drug free’ day. This means no injections! No Suprecur,… [Read More]

Surgical Sperm Retrieval – PESA

So, my husbands Surgical Sperm Retrieval (SSR) had been booked. Our consultant called and confirmed that they would go ahead with the sperm retrieval on Saturday the 4th June 2011. We were both feeling nervous and neither of us knew what to expect. Would it hurt? Would they find any sperm? If they did find any, would it be good enough? So many questions ran through our minds. It was around this time that I decided I should be preparing my body for our baby. After doing some research, I decided to start taking Pregnacare Conception Tablets. I know this… [Read More]

The Fertility Clinic Open Evening

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/Freedigitalphotos.net Our story began back in April 2011 My husband and I longed to have a baby together. However, it wasn’t a simple case of ditch the pill and get jiggy in the bedroom! You see, my husband was married before he met me and he has three children by his ex wife. Over ten years ago, he had a vasectomy. On Thursday, the 14th of April 2011, my husband and I attended an open evening at a private fertility clinic. Neither of us knew what to expect and we were both nervous. Would we be… [Read More]