Refurbishing your home back to it’s original style

If you’re thinking about buying an older property, say around 100 years old, it’s quite common to find that a lot of the original features have been hidden or removed. Sadly this can take away a lot of the characteristics, personality and style from your home. When thinking about refurbishing an older property back to its former glory, it’s important to do your research, and make sure first and foremost that the property is structurally sound. Once this has been confirmed you can start looking at what rooms you’d like to start with, and begin researching ideas. You’ll need to… [Read More]

Important Safety Considerations During Your Homes Renovation

When you plan to renovate your own home it’s very easy to get carried away with all of the many different tasks you have to do. Carrying out your own home renovation is such an amazing experience, one which will teach you some valuable lessons and give you a great sense of achievement. There are, however, some really important safety elements you must consider throughout your renovation, as you want to ensure you and your family are safe at all times. Embrace the Hard Hat  Whilst it may not be the most fashionable of pieces, a hard hat is a… [Read More]