Giant Piano Mat Review

Giant Piano Mat

Like most children, my four year old twins love music. Ever since they were babies, I’ve sung songs to them. I’ve played various musical instruments to them such as shakers, tambourines and drums. They even have a mini piano which was a bargain buy that I’m very proud of! We have a dedicated drawer in our living room that’s full of musical instruments. Of course, they’ve kind of grown out of some of the instruments, but I keep them just in case! My husband loves his music too so he’s always playing songs on his speaker to the girls. It’s… [Read More]

My Giant Fairy-tale Activity Book Review

Parragon Books provide a wonderful assortment of children’s books. They recently sent us ‘My Giant Fairy-tale Activity Book to review and we’ve been having lots of fun with it.  It’s a brightly coloured, fairly large book with lots of pages bursting with various activities to keep children busy. There are lots of different pages to colour in, mazes to solve and magical things to spot. Children can also match pictures together, draw and copy pictures, plus they can practise their counting skills on every page. There are easily over 100 activities all of which have a fairy-tale theme. Our twins… [Read More]