Work around the Globe: A Global Comparison

I think it’s fair to say that the majority of the population work. I’ve worked ever since I was 16 and I’ve had various jobs with very different wages and working environments. I think that most employed people will do anything to make their working lives easier, but when you look at the infographic below I think I’m pretty lucky to be working in the UK.

Centrix put together this infographic which compares the way Australia, the UK, Sweden, the US, Brazil, South Africa and Germany work, examining factors like minimum hourly wage and annual leave.

Before I had children I worked full time which equated to around 36 hours a week. I thought that was a lot, but can you imagine living in South Africa and working an average of 43.3 hours a week?

I was also amazed to read about the flexible working laws. In the UK you can request after 6.5 months. In Australia employees have the right to request flexible working after at least 12 months.

Most of all, I think the best place to work has to be Sweden! Working just 35.8 hours a week on average, workers are allowed to form unions to bargain their wages collectively, plus Sweden have been making headlines recently as various companies across the country have been trialling a 6 hour work day. Yet, on the other hand, when it comes to parental leave, the UK are leading the field with an allowance of 52 weeks. Sweden only offer 12 weeks so maybe it’s not so great after all! It’s such an interesting read to find out work around the globe is so different! Have a read and let me know your thoughts!

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