Why crafts are great for children

With Twin Daddy’s DIY projects and my love of crafts, our girls are growing up in a crafty home – and they love it. R and M enjoy helping where they can, and they get so excited when we talk about the crafts we can make together.

There is much more to children’s crafts than keeping energetic hands busy, with something nice to show for it at the end. Arts, crafts and many games in general are great for children’s physical, mental and emotional development, and we recently discovered that there are some games that have been developed to benefit older people too, – so it’s never too late to start having fun!

Benefits of Crafts

When we had the twins, we hoped that we could instil our love of making and doing things for ourselves in them. From the earliest ages, they saw Twin Daddy and Twin Mummy having so much fun with simple, often colourful, project around the house and in the garden.

Crafts have been part of their lives, and the benefits are evident – they are friendly, confident, and well adjusted.

Among the benefits crafts have for children are:

Development of self-regulation – crafts can help children learn to be patient, and to improve their self-control

Improvement of bilateral coordination – crafts can help children learn to use both hands together

Development of Fine Motor Coordination – crafts can help children develop the fine motor coordination needed for basic things like using a knife and fork, and dressing themselves

Improvement of self-esteem – children take pride in their crafty accomplishments, which can give them the self-esteem they need to be confident

Enjoying quality time together – time spend crafting with children is never wasted; it is time spent bonding and affirming our family relationships

Simple Craft Ideas

We have 3 ideas for simple crafts to inspire you and your children. They are suitable for children of all ages, although you will probably need to help their little fingers along with a few things.

Egg-box Coin Dishes: Cut a few of the bottom cups from a cardboard egg-box using blunt-nosed scissors. Use 2 different colour tempera paints; paint the inside of an individual cup one colour, and the outside a different colour. Leave the dishes to dry, and then leave them in the hallway, the kitchen, near the washing machine, and on bedroom dressers, so you never need to lose your spare change.

Prince/Princess Crowns: Cut a few crown-strips from craft paper or thin cardboard, and let the children decorate them with silver foil, colourful foil sweet wrappers, pipe cleaners, and beads. When all the decorations are dry, wrap the strip around your child’s head to find the perfect fit. Cut the strip slightly longer, and then join the ends using tape or glue to create a crown fit for royalty.

Egg Cup Plant Pots: Use craft paint to decorate wooden egg cups. To make characters, paint collars, buttons, or other clothing and accessory details on the bottom half. Use paint pens to draw faces on the cups. When the painted cups are dry, fill the cups with potting soil, and plant herb seedlings or small succulents. Keep them in a well-lit area, and remember to water them when needed.

A cute crafted coin dish

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