What we did this week

February 11, 2017

Last weekend was spent with my husbands daughter. She came home from university for the weekend for a ‘sleepover’ as the girls say!

They love it when she’s home! They wake her up early and cuddle under the duvet with her! We went to the park together which the girls had wanted to do with their sister for a while!

I worked late on Monday which meant that I didn’t go to boot camp, but I did go to spin class on Tuesday and again on Thursday. I really want to get back into running so will have to make more of an effort to find the time to do this.

On Wednesday we had parents evening for our girls. It went really well and I’m so pleased of the girls progress. We were told that the girls are on track with where they want them to be, but also that they’ve grown in confidence since they first started and they’ve made some new friends. 

I had my hair cut on Thursday, which was much needed as the last time I went was around November I think. I’m usually so good at getting it done every six weeks, but with hubby’s birthday, Christmas and my birthday, time just seemed to run away from me!

Friday night I went out with my friends to a local deli for some food and prosecco!

This weekend will see us popping to our local super market to buy some new school shoes and trousers for the girls. They have also a birthday to go to so that’ll keep us busy!

I’m also trying to plan the girls birthday party, which has meant me spending some time on the party bags and looking around for things to go in them. I also need to find them a cake!

So that’s it for this week! What have you been up to?

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