Weight loss Update with SlimFast, Running and Tantrums

It’s been a little while since I wrote my last SlimFast update so I thought it was about time I updated you all.

I haven’t been keeping track of my weight week on week like I did when I first started SlimFast as there’s no longer any need for me to do that. You see I now know what I can and can’t eat, as well as portion sizes and what nutritional food my body needs.

I’ve lost a total of two stone and have managed to maintain my weight loss. I think when the girls are back in school, I’ll focus on losing a tad more weight, but I have allowed myself the odd treat. That’s the great thing about SlimFast. I can have a treat and still stay on track.

One of the main things I’ve learnt since starting SlimFast is that a food diary really helps me to keep on track. By writing down everything I eat, it helps to keep me focused, but also accountable. If I have an off day, that’s ok, it just means I can start again the next day.

On the fitness front, things have pretty much come to a stop. Unfortunately four weeks ago, I inured my adductor muscle (upper/inner thigh and groin). For the first two weeks I ran less, skipping my long runs altogether. I was feeling brave after two weeks of reduced mileage and decided to run 13k, which turned out to be a bad idea as the pain is now worse than before.

Frozen peas to help my injured leg!

I’ve admitted defeat, thrown a tantrum and have made the difficult decision to take two weeks off from running. As regular readers of my blog will know I’ve been training for my first half marathon which is on October 1st, so this a massive blow to me. I’d manage to rack up a distance of 15k and now I feel like I’m going to go back to square one.

Hopefully two weeks of complete rest will be enough time for me to recover and then that will leave me with three weeks to try and get some distance back. I did sign up for a 10k in August, but had to bow out of that too due to injury.

Please send me lots of healing vibes! I really want to complete the half marathon!

23 thoughts on “Weight loss Update with SlimFast, Running and Tantrums

  1. You have done amazing with your weight loss but what a shame you picked up an injury! Definitely try and rest for as long as you can as it will be better for you in the long term. I have always fancied trying Slimfast but I will have to wait now until I have the baby! 🙂


  2. Nice use of garden peas. But sorry you’re in pain. I always figure that if there wasn’t a set back somewhere along the line, then I’d be worrying about when it would happen in the future! If you see what I mean. So I’d take it as a positive sign that things will go smoother once you get back to training.

    I hope the two week rest leaves you ready to crush it!


  3. You are looking lovely hun. It’s really tough when you have an injury that stops you from doing something you really enjoy. Enjoy the two weeks off and hope you get back to running again soon. Claire x #ThatFridayLinky

  4. Sending you (((hugs))) for that injury! Poor you. I’m jealous of your weight loss as I just love cake and I am fat, frankly! I need to get doing something but cake keeps pulling me back.
    On a more serious note though, I’ve never tried slimfast and always wondered if it was any good. I will go off and read some more of your blog to find out. Thanks for the post. Get well soon. #thatfridaylinky

  5. You’ve done so well and look amazing, you should be proud. I went down the WeightWatchers route years ago and lost nearly 5 stone. Completely agree about the food diary, I still keep one to this day as it helps me keep track of things. I prob don’t need it now, but it’s a habit and I weirdly enjoy monitoring it. Goo luck! x #ThatLinkyFriday

  6. Get well soon lovely. I know of these pesky injuries only too well when Hubby used to run half marathons! The frustration is something else! Fingers crossed for you! #ThatFridayLinky

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