We are considering double glazed sash windows

Just as the title says, we are considering double glazed sash windows but a quick search overwhelmed me. There are literally hundreds of companies, with a staggering number located in London. I only wanted a few local quotes but it seems that I should be looking to take advantage of just how competitive this all is. Maybe I can bag myself a hefty discount on high quality hardwood double glazed sash windows.

Something I noticed about the genuine sash window companies. They all had many good reviews on Google. London Sash Window Repairs Ltd reviews were no exception. Just take a look at the link. The reviews are so good I actually questioned are they real!

Double glazed sash windows can look stunning. Most of the modern hardwood sash are sprayed with a factory finish. The surface is very similar to that of a car. Almost all sash window companies are offering five to ten year guarantees on their installs. Here’s a look at a beautiful sash window that’s undergone double glazing:


This window is rather interesting. After reading on London Sash Widow Repairs Ltd’s website it was quite apparent they could actually just make new double glazed sash windows and install them into the original frame.

Typically double glazed sash windows using the original frame aren’t as acoustically efficient as brand new double glazed sash windows but considering they are about half the cost and do 80% of the job, they are very good value for money pound for pound. 

The windows are also installed with a fluffy draught proofing system. This stops any air getting down the sides of the frame. If the windows to still be draughty after double glazing installed it would of been a pointless exercise. They are hidden and seal against the frame so quite harmless when the windows are closed and the perfect partner to the double glazed sash windows. Here’s a close up look at the little brushes:


With these nice little seals in place and the window double glazed the benefits in terms of noise and reduced heat loss will be appreciably better. Given entire new window prices, this is a healthy saving and welcome relief on the savings account. It’s a serious proposition buying new double glazed entire replacement sash windows. They normally start at around £2000 from reputable suppliers.

There are also many specs but we’ve been reliably advised by Pilkington that their low-E soft coat glazing is amongst the best thermally efficient glazing in the world. The technology allows for the suns rays to pass and then are trapped from leaving the home by this clever glass. It’s incredible how efficient this glass is. 

It is actually 12% better at keeping the heat in than three normal panes of glass. So that a one of glass less, and yet a staggering 12% more efficient as well. This is how sash window companies are keeping their timber double glazing so beautiful and elegant whilst efficient at the same time.

When you compare quotes it certainly makes sense to take advantage of this improve double glazed sash windows technology.

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  1. These windows sound like they’d be a good investment, especially with a longer warranty. I think they would pay for themselves in the long run if they truly eliminate drafts.

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