Vicky's IVF Story

Hubby and I got married in 2008. A year later we were having the conversation about trying for a baby. Well,  maybe I was having the conversation and hubby was just nodding politely! Anyway I decided we’d start trying for a baby in 2010. I’d just turned 31 and thought it was a near perfect time, I was in a good position at work again so we were ready.

We tried for over a year and experienced the monthly hope that my period wouldn’t come and I’d get that positive pregnancy test, but nothing happened. I got to the point where I was obsessed by it. Taking my temperature and doing those ovulation sticks. By April 2011 still nothing, so I decided we needed to visit to the doctors to see what they suggested.

They suggested we had some tests onde which meant for me I would have blood tests to check my hormone levels and for hubby a sperm analysis. Mine came back all ok, but for hubby the results weren’t good and we instantly knew why we hadn’t got pregnant.

In September 2011 I started Acupuncture as I’d heard it might be able to help us get pregnant and at nearly two years of trying I was ready to try anything. I continued with this until about a week before egg collection in 2012. Hubby had his second sperm test in November and we were told that things hadn’t improved so we were told we would be referred for IVF.

The First Consultation

We had to wait until 2nd March 2012 for our first consultant appointment. Those six months felt like forever. I don’t massively remember that appointment much except the fact that it was near the maternity scan unit at the Royal Berks. They asked me to come back three days later for an internal examination to look at my ovaries. This is where they discovered my right ovary was stuck and there was talk after this of me having a lap operation to correct this, but I was told the consultant would make the final decision about this at our next appointment. It was decided later that there was no point in this operation due to going down the IVF route.

This was on the 25th April and was actually to be our final consultant appointment as we were pretty much where we were told that we would be. We were told we should maybe have ISCI due to hubby’s results.

From here it was a wait for approval and then once that had come we had to call Oxford to book an appointment. We choose Oxford because firstly it was our nearest clinic and secondly that’s where the consultant recommended. 

The Open Evening

Oxford hold weekly opening evenings due to the volume of patients they see. We went to the Open evening on 13th June 2012. I remember being in a room full of people and having to watch a video explaining the procedure and telling us more about Oxford. It was a strange kind of place as it’s a purpose built facility was on an industrial estate on the outskirts of Oxford. 

After this we had our booking in appointment on the 6th July. Thankfully this time we were able to use their clinic in Reading. Due to me not paying attention to the information letter I had to go back a week later this time to Oxford for another scan, it was at this appointment that they discovered I had polycystic ovaries. It was also the day we pulled out of the house we were buying. As you can imagine stress levels were very high and I was a bit of a mess. Hubby and I decided that we were actually going to carry on with the IVF process no matter were we lived so it was just the waiting game of my period to make the call to start the process. I have to say this is the ONLY time I have ever been thankful for it to come. Within a week we had received the drugs we needed and I was put on a dose of 112.5 of Menopur for ovarian stimulation and Nafareline for down regulation.

Down Regulation and Ovarian Stimulation

On the 21st August I started the down regulation drugs and started on the emotional rollercoaster. If anyone tells you IVF is easy they are lying! It’s one of the hardest things I’ve been through in my life! 

The drugs mess with your hormones so you never know how you may feel on any given day. What probably didn’t help though was that during the whole process we were living with my hubby’s parents. On the 12th September 2012 I started the ovarian stimulation process. I’ve never been a fan of needles so actually having to stick one in me every day was my idea of hell! Somehow I did it and I think I knew it was hopefully going to mean getting pregnant finally. 

We finally got told I was ready for Egg Collection on the 26th September. I have to say still to this day I have no idea what’s involved in the process as I didn’t want to know! All I do know is that I was sore for a couple of days after. The worst wait has to be that first 24 hours while you wait for the fertility report. We were told that three eggs fertilised. We had to wait a few days to see how they were doing and were told we would get a call on the Saturday to say if we had to come in that day for a three day transfer or Monday. 

The good news was we had three embryo’s which were all perfect for a five day transfer on 1st October 2012.
Egg Transfer and The Two Week Wait

The drive to that appointment seemed like the longest ever! That day I was going to be implanted with our embie. Hubby and I had a long conversation before the process both about how many times we would actually try IVF and also how many embies we would have put back. We both decided to only having one put back. To be fair on the day we only had the option of 1 anyway as we were lucky enough to have grade A blastocysts which is pretty much the best you can have. It’s a very special moment having that embie transferred inside you. 

We were lucky enough to be able to watch it happening via a little screen. Then it was the start of the two week waiting game. Due to certain factors I ended up being signed off work for two weeks.

The Pregnancy Test

Our official test date was the 12th October but I couldn’t wait the extra day so on the 11th I took a pregnancy test! I was in shock when I got those 2 blue lines, so much so over the next two days I did four tests.

So after one go at ISCI we were pregnant! 

Labour and Birth

Fast forward nine months and I find myself going into labour five days before my due date. My labour wasn’t the nicest of labours. I was in so much pain that at 2cm dilated I made the hospital keep me in and after five hours I’d had enough and I was transferred to the labour ward for an epidural, which I have to say is an amazing drug! 

By 5cm both me and baby were struggling and I ended up having an emergancy c-section. So on the 15th June the day before Fathers Day I gave my husband the best present ever – a son!

Life now is hard at times, but also lovely and I certainly wouldn’t change it for anything! You find yourself on a whole new rollercoaster.

As I’ve said the IVF process is bloody hard emotionally and you certainly need good support around you. I found lots of comfort on Twitter with other ladies who we’re going through the same thing at the same time as me. I truly only believe those who have gone through IVF can understand what you are going through.

As anyone who has a baby should tell you is that those first two weeks were the hardest, but somehow it gets easier after that.

Remember to stay positive. There are lots of positive IVF stories out there, by all means come and find me on Twitter.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story! I am always looking for people to share their stories on my blog and it is so hard to find people who are willing to take the time to do it, so I wanted to say thanks! Congrats to you and your hubby!

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