VELCRO(R) Stick On Review – Baby Proofing our Home. Part 3.

November 19, 2012

Like most parents with young children, I imagine you have probably bought those cushions you can get to stick on the corners of your coffee table. 

I have been through two sets already! The first set, my dad bought me and they were little clear, plastic ones with tape you used to secure it to the table. They didn’t last very long. Twin daddy and I were always catching them with our legs and knocking them off.

I then bought bigger, foam cushion ones after reading good reviews online. However, when they arrived I was disappointed to see that they were provided with the same tape. Suffice to say, I tried again with the tape only to find that R had managed to pull one off the TV cabinet and was having a good chew on it! 

VELCRO(R) to the rescue!

Using Stick On by VELCRO(R), I cut it to size and stuck it to the inside of the foam corner cushions.

Success! It works and I also want to add that it has been well and truly baby tested, as R had a good go at trying to pull it off but didn’t succeed! 

A few other things you can use this VELCRO(R) product for:

  • Sticking  bright posters to your babies nursery wall
  • Sticking plates and bowls to highchairs to stop the inevitable throwing to the floor game
  • Creating an adjustable height chart

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