Twin Dads View on IVF

August 1, 2012

Before our treatment started, how did you feel about having to undergo IVF?

I was apprehensive that it wouldn’t be successful but I was also excited about the prospect of having a baby. I felt fine about all the tests and positive that they would come back with good results.

Before you had PESA (Surgical Sperm Retrieval), how were you feeling? Were you nervous?

I was very nervous. It had been such a long time since I had my vasectomy. I was worried that they wouldn’t find any sperm but also worried that if they did the quality might not have been good. The thought of somebody injecting me in my crown jewels scared the living daylights out of me! 

How did you feel after the PESA?

After the operation, (of which I have no memory) being told by the embryologist that they had retrieved seven really good quality vials of sperm, the feeling of elation and excitement was very overwhelming. I knew I had to keep my feet on the ground as it was just the start of our journey, but it was hard not to get excited. I will say though, that although I had no memory of the operation, apparently I talked all the way through about tattoos and Xbox!  

What advice would you give to someone who was going to have PESA?

The only advice that I can offer is try not to worry. It’s a small, pain free operation. 

How did you feel about doing my injections? I know you think you’re a qualified doctor now!

Doing the injections was never an issue. I knew that if we wanted a baby together it had to be done. After I did the 1st injection, I felt that our journey was moving toward the ultimate goal of a baby.

What was going through your mind when we were going back and fourth to the clinic for baseline & follicle scans?

It’s a very difficult journey and having to go back and fourth for scans sends you through a roller coaster of emotions. Every scan is for a reason and you only hope beforehand that everything is ok. I found that very nerve wracking.

Before my egg collection how did you feel?

I felt ok because I knew from the scans that you had loads of eggs. I wasn’t nervous.

How did you feel after egg collection?

I felt excited that so many eggs had been collected and again it was another step towards a baby.

How did you feel during the waiting period of calls to find out about fertilisation?

I was never concerned or worried that the eggs wouldn’t fertilise because I knew that we had really good sperm & eggs. I was confident that they would fertilise. My only concern was that the quality of the eggs might not be as good as we anticipated or hoped for.

How did you feel the morning of embryo transfer?

I felt nervous but also just wanted to get on with it quickly as patience was now running thin. I dared not to get too excited in case things didn’t work out.

How did you feel after the embryo transfer?

It was a pretty awesome site to see our babies from what is considered conception. Obviously with a natural pregnancy you would never get to see that. I think nerves at that point really did take over though to the point where you just want it to work. You try not to get excited because you know that fall will be hard if it doesn’t work but it is difficult not to dream.

How did you feel during the two week wait?

I dealt with the two week wait by trying not to think about it too much and by keeping myself very busy with work. I put in long hours which was the best way for me to deal with it.

How were you feeling the day before we tested?

It’s strange and also borders on arrogance but I kind of knew you were pregnant. I dared not believe it but I just knew.

I butted in here and said…”So you weren’t nervous at all?” 

“No” Twindad said

Twinmum: “Not even a tiny little bit?”

Twindad: “No. I knew you were pregnant”

How did you feel when you found out that we were pregnant?

Just completely and totally happy!

Coming soon….Twin Dad’s View on Pregnancy!


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