Tightening The Family Pursestrings

Being the head of a family isn’t a business – but it is certainly pricey business isn’t it! With mouths to feed and energy to waste, we can end up paying a lot for our family. It’s worth it though, isn’t it? There’s nothing more valuable than happy, safe and well-fed kids and there certainly isn’t anything more rewarding – not as a parent anyway. The trouble is, sometimes we can’t always find the cash and coins to do things for our family. We can’t always grab the money to make things awesome all the time.


It’s hard to say – but sometimes we have to tighten our wallets and be a bit stricter. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. It’s easy to get lost in this area, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun at all as a family – it just means we need to hold back and stop paying out and over the odds to have a little fun. There’s a lot you can do as a parent to save a lot of cash that can be put to a lot better use.

If you love taking your kids to the cinema, you don’t need to cut off complete access to the silver screen – but you have to realize the cost of the cinema. Your kids might love the latest flicks, but the summer cinema season can put you down £40 a time – easily. With tickets, 3D premiums, food, drinks and travel costs you could be spending hundreds over the course of the season. It’s worth it, but only once in a while. With all the films on Netflix, you can watch everything you want for under a tenner a month. Plus, popcorn is cheaper! Movie nights are fun, so consider staying in with your own screen!


Shopping costs a bunch. The more kids you have, the more food you need. That doesn’t account for the fussy ones and the kids with a sweet-tooth though. We need to get a lot in, and I’ll tell you what – the basics end up costing a bunch. Things like bread, beans, and eggs can cost – but if you’re chucking things like ice cream and biscuits into your basket, you can spend a lot without realizing. Take charge of your shopping and buy the food you need, not want. You can eat like kings on a budget if you shop smartly with food.

What about Birthdays? We all want our kids to have the best – especially so on their special day. This Coupon Sherpa link can help you cut costs on Amazon – but you should consider using some savings to put towards birthdays!

Tightening the family budget doesn’t mean eating spaghetti hoops for the rest of your life and watching re-runs of Peppa Pig – it just means being more sensible with your budget so you can save up to do amazing things and save up to buy into amazing memories! If you can save more today, you can spend more tomorrow!

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