The Weekly Shop Challenge

April 30, 2013

When Twin Daddy and I first moved in together our weekly food bill was around £60. I look back on those good times with fond memories! For no longer are our weekly shops so cheap. Most weeks we spend on average anything from £120-£150. Don’t ask me on what because I truly do not know! We don’t buy excessive amounts of food. Admittedly we do waste some food but I wouldn’t say it was an absurd amount.

On Monday I was chatting to one of my colleagues in work about how much our weekly food shop is and I was shocked when she told me her bill is around £50 a week for herself, her husband and their 12 month old baby. So, where am I going wrong?!

My colleague, we’ll call her ‘S’ explained to me that she plans her meals at the beginning of each week and does her grocery shop online. This means she only buys what she needs and she can avoid those in store temptations. What a great idea!

Before our twins were born, Twin Daddy and I would have a varying diet. Some days I would cook fresh food (chicken tagine being one of my favourite meals), other days it would be a microwave meal and when it wasn’t either of those we would usually have a take away. Nowadays, most of our meals consist of the ready made, shove it in the oven with some chips and you’re done!

We do eat different food to our twins as we tend to give them microwave meals especially designed for children. Starting from our next grocery shop all that is about to change! I will be cooking fresh food, food I can freeze and will also be trying out online grocery shopping all in a bid to reduce the amount we spend, reduce the amount of food wasted and in a bid to get us all eating healthy, family meals together.

I’m no chef so I have searched online for a few recipes, so we shall be starting with some of the following:

Pork, Lemon and Rosemary Meatballs
Chicken Noodle Stir Fry
Ham, Broccoli and Cheese Pasta Salad
Double Cheese, Potato and Ham Bake
Chicken, Pea and Ham Risotto

As well as the above we’ll also have some fish fingers!

Why don’t you join me and see if you can save on your weekly shop. Leave your comments below or join in the chat on twitter using the hashtag #weeklyshopchallenge

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