The Toy Mountain

April 22, 2015

Like many households we have a toy mountain.

That’s right a mountain made entirely of toys!

Pretty epic right?

Our kids certainly think so!

Now that we have a new home we’ve tried to make it look less like a mountain by spreading them out a bit!

We’ve even separated some of them by having the smaller toy sets in our living room with the larger toys in our playroom.

You see the thing is it’s so easy to buy children toys nowadays.

There’s the internet with all of it’s wonderful online toy stores such as Kids Toy Store and with bloggers on the rise there’s endless places you can look to find out the latest toys or the toys most suitable to your child’s age.

If I’m honest I’m guilty of buying our girls toys for no reason at all. I mean when I was growing up we’d get toys only on special occasions such as birthdays and Christmases or if we’d gone somewhere like the zoo for the day.

If I’m out in a shop, whether that be on my own or with our girls, I can’t help but be drawn towards the toys section. Maybe it’s the big kid in me, but I just can’t help it!

It doesn’t matter what shop it is, I’ll always look to see if they sell toys and if they do I’ll wander over to have a look. This usually leads to one of two things.

1. I’ll end up buying something or 2. I’ll take a picture/make a note of what I’ve seen and then most likely search online to see if I can find it cheaper and then add it to my wishlist for the girls birthday.

I’m sure lots of other mums do this too, right?

I can’t be the only one guilty of spending a little too much on toys for their kids?

Sometimes I even buy toys for them with the premise of saving them for Christmas, but I usually end up giving it to them before Christmas!

Do you have a toy mountain in your house?

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