The Social Side of Exercise

When my children were babies, I remember feeling isolated and at times quite lonely. I longed for a friend. Someone I could invite round for a cuppa and chat, and vice versa.

Our girls were almost one year old when I finally plucked up the courage to go to a playgroup, and I’m so glad I did. Not only did it give the girls a chance to play with some new toys and socialise with other children, it also gave me the chance to meet new people.

When the girls started school, my husband and I met lots of other parents which helped to reduce the feeling of loneliness.

One other aspect of my life that I’ve found has helped me to meet new people is through exercise, and this has taken me by surprise.

Of course exercise has many health benefits, both physical and mentally, but it’s also a great way of meeting new people. For example, if I hadn’t started running I would never have been chosen to be a part of Team Brecon Carreg and take part in their events whilst raising money for Wales Air Ambulance, and I’ve also met some wonderful people as a result of this.

Running has given me the confidence to go out and try new things. Earlier this year I started going to Barre class. This is a mixture of ballet, pilates and yoga. I have to say that this is one of the friendliest classes I’ve ever been too. Everyone says hello, is polite and I’ve made some great friends.

Also recently I decided to join a Pump class. I was pretty nervous because this class takes place in a gym. Barre class is in a hall, but the thought of walking into a gym made me quite nervous. I don’t know why really, but it did. Anyway when I arrived I saw two familiar faces which instantly put me at ease, and I also met some other lovely people.

Without exercise I would never have met these people, and for that I’m grateful that I managed to find the motivation I needed to get out there and try something new.

4 thoughts on “The Social Side of Exercise

  1. That’s great news about meeting people through exercise. I’m rubbish at finding the time to exercise, so luckily I talk to anybody and everybody at baby groups instead with my twins!

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