The Olympics and IVF

July 27, 2012

You may be wondering what the Olympics could possibly have in common with IVF. Well, quite a lot actually! From overcoming hurdles you face along the way to that long awaited sprint to the finish line, read on to find out more about the ups and downs of infertility and IVF.

The picture on the left was taken whilst I was waiting for my husband to be wheeled back from his surgical sperm retrieval. I don’t know why I took this picture! I guess I just thought it was they were nice flowers that had been painted on the wall! 

Thinking back to that moment though, it has made me realise what a waiting game IVF is. This time last year, my husband and I were on our two week wait. However, earlier that year in April 2011, the two week wait felt like a lifetime away. Once we started treatment though a few weeks later, I was surprised by how fast everything got moving. Much like the Olympics, you wait for years for it to happen and then it’s all over in a matter of weeks. You either come away with one or more gold medals or you leave with nothing but a hole in your pocket. 

Trying to create a new life is such an amazing, wonderful thing. Just close your eyes for a moment and imagine, actually imagine, what it takes for your body to do such a wonderful thing. 

A baby is what many couples dream of. Someone to love and hold, to cuddle and take care of. To some people it comes easy. For others, they face many hurdles along the way. 

One of the first big decisions when trying to create a new life, is how to decide when it is time to see a doctor. Some couples make the decision never to visit a doctor. To leave it to fate and if it doesn’t happen then it simply isn’t meant to be.

Other couples make the decision to see their doctor after a year or so of trying without success. Whichever decision you make, I think it’s important to discuss all the possible outcomes. 
  • How would you and your partner feel if you have to go down the IVF route?
  • NHS or Private? I would suggest considering both these options. I appreciate that having private treatment can be expensive but on the plus side, things do get moving quicker if you opt for private treatment
  • Have you got a good support network? There are lots of good forums and websites available online. It’s a very personal decision, but if you do decide to tell your friends and family they can be a great support system for you
  • How would you feel if IVF doesn’t work for you? Also consider what impact you think this will have on your relationship
There are many more questions in addition to those above that you may want to consider. At the heart of everything though, I believe it is important to remain positive. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but learning how to banish those negative thoughts can really help you on this journey. Why not consider acupuncture? I’m not sure if it helped my husband and I’s treatment outcome but it definitely helped me to feel more relaxed. More importantly though, it made me feel like I was doing something to help.

After you have visited your doctor, there will be some tests that your doctor will want to carry out, usually on both you and your partner. You may find my post IVF Tests for Men and Women helpful.

Once you have taken the plunge and decided to start IVF, you and your partner will face a range of emotions. Much like the high jump, IVF has it’s ups and downs. When starting out on our IVF Journey, we were nervous and excited. Wondering if it would work, along with lots of other questions. We were very lucky that our treatment worked first time, but for many others it takes a number of rounds for it to work and unfortunately not everyone will be successful. 

I hope that what ever method of IVF you have, you will be successful. I hope you will continue to read our blog and share our journey. We would also love for you to share your journey with us and others. If you would like to do so, please get in touch via email: or you can use our contact us form which can be found by clicking here.

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