The Dummy Fairy Workshop Review

I’ve blogged previously about my attempts to wean our girls off their dummies and for a short while it worked. 

Somehow though we’ve slipped back into old habits and have been allowing the girls to have their dummies during the day. 

Ideally the only time I want them to have a dummy is for nap and bed time. 

Around two weeks ago I started working on reducing the amount of time that the girls have their dummies.

It’s actually gone better than the last time I tried as R hasn’t asked for her dummy as much as she did last time. M isn’t really that bothered about whether or not she has a dummy. That is until she sees her sister with a dummy and then she wants one too!
Since I’ve taken their dummies off them during the day I have noticed an improvement in M’s speech. She’s been saying more words and babbling more.
Of course the girls still ask for their dummies now and again so I will give in and give them one if they’re really desperate for one, but this has to stop! 

It’s starting to affect their speech.
When I was given the chance to review The Dummy Fairy Workshop’s kits I jumped at the chance! The Dummy Fairy Workshop aims to make weaning your child off their dummy easy for both your child and for you.
It’s a great idea as it helps you and your child to find the fun in the task you’re about to face. We were sent two kits so both girls could have one each.

Each kit arrives in one A4 card envelope addressed to your child. Inside you’ll find a Kiddie’s Kit and a Parents’ Kit.
Inside the Kiddie’s Kit you’ll find:
A letter of invitation from the King or Queen of the Dummy Fairies
The Enchanted Dummy Bag in a choice of bright colours
Fairy dust, Magic Spell and a gift tag
A colour your own King or Queen of the Dummy Fairies
Reply card and Envelope

love the personal touch that the letter has. Before we were sent our kits I had to provide some information about ourselves and our girls such as their favourite toys/comforters, name and age etc. R’s letter mentions her favourite toy dog and M’s mentions her pink blanket. 

The fairy dust bottle is super cute and looks quite magical in it’s small size.
The Parents’ Kit includes:
A Thank You Letter from the King or Queen of the Dummy Fairies
Personalised Certificate of Generosity (with optional inclusion of child’s photo)
Polka dot ribbon to wrap around certificate
2 x gift tags to attach to the certificate and child’s gift on Dummy Day
Instructions on how to implement the Dummy Fairy Workshop Weaning Tools
Dummy Fairy Workshop Fridge Magnet
I really like the idea that once your child has put their dummy in the envelope for the Queen of the Dummy Fairy’s that when they wake up the next morning they’ll get a certificate and a little treat as a thank you.

I put the parents kit to one side and gave R and M one Kid’s Kit each. We opened them together and I explained what it was and told them all about the dummy fairy. Although they’re only 23 months old they did understand a lot of what I said and we all enjoyed getting the bags ready for the Queen of the Dummy Fairy to collect whilst they slept.
Although there is an envelope included in which you can actually post the dummies, I’m saving this when the girls are older and for when I take dummies off them for nap and bed time too, but for now it’s worked really well during the day and the girls understand that the Queen of the Dummy Fairy’s has left one special, magical dummy each for nap and bed times only and that this dummy will help them sleep.
I’m really looking forward to continuing this with our girls as they get older as it’s been really fun and really enjoyable to take part in!
Each kit costs £19.95 (+p&p).
For the purpose of this review we were sent two dummy kits

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