The Two Week Wait

The Two Week Wait Thread It felt like we had waited so long to join the two week wait thread on the fertility forum and now we could finally do so! Introducing ourselves and telling everyone our story, I met a lot of couples on the two week wait. The first page of the forum was filled with everyone’s names, followed by their test date and either a happy ‘cheerleader’ smiley or an animated ‘BFN’ (Big Fat Negative) smiley.  It started of pretty good, lots of cheer-leading, shall we say but the further down the list you went, the less cheer-leading there… [Read More]

Some of what we’ve learnt during our IVF journey

***Before I start, I would just like to say that we had ICSI, so of some what you read is specific to ICSI*** * BMS – Baby making sex! I have heard many, many stories of women who have started IVF with the belief that it is the only way they will get pregnant only for them to find out they have become pregnant naturally. It’s true. It’s really important that you don’t make BMS a chore. Who likes doing chores? It can be so easy to get carried away with ovulation tests, charting your BBT (Basal Body Temperature), and… [Read More]