An update on our play dates

Last month I wrote a post about how I’d decided to stop going to playgroups in favour of play dates. I explained that although I’d been going to one particular play group for well over a year, I’d yet to make any real friends there. Nobody would talk to me as everyone had already formed their own friendships. It left me feeling a bit lonely. Anyway, that was then and I’m pleased to say that it was a very good decision to ditch the play group! I still go to one play group on a Wednesday, which is a friendly, small… [Read More]

The Loneliness of Toddler Group

R and M were eight months old before I managed to pluck up enough confidence to take them to a playgroup. Would I be able to manage on my own? Would there be a lift to easily allow me to bring the double pushchair between floors? What if no-one talked to me? Should I put them in proper clothes or just sleepsuits? What if they both start crying and I start to get flustered? These were just a few of the many questions and concerns that I had before I went to playgroup for the first time.  The very first… [Read More]

The Over-Protective Mum

A mothers instinct is like nothing else in the world. That constant feeling, an urge, if you like, to always protect your children from harm and to always be there for them is one of the most incredible things in the world. Before our twins were born, if I saw a baby being born on TV I would have been touched by it. I would be in awe at the incredible sight of a baby entering the world.  If I’d have read a story about a child going missing or worse, it would make me feel sad. As it would anybody I guess…. [Read More]