Let’s get kids playing outdoors again!

When you think back to your childhood, what do you remember most about how you spent your time? For me, it’s memories of playing outdoors with my friends and sister. I’d spend the whole day outdoors and would only return home for food, water or money to buy an ice lolly! I guess I was lucky that we had a lovely back garden. It was spacious, full of plants and had a pond at the end of it. There was a decked area with a picnic bench sat on it, which lead onto a big patch of grass. To the… [Read More]

All Wrapped Up: Christmas Gift Ideas For The Hard To Buy For

Image courtesy of David Costillo/Freedigitalphotos.net As Christmas is getting closer it seems that the usual panic buying has begun. I always tell myself that I’ll buy presents throughout the year and that way I’ll save some money and be super organised and stress free by the time Christmas comes. In truth I tend to leave it until a month or two before the big day and then end up buying online to save me time. I like to think I’m quite good at buying people presents they’ll like and I tend to look for unique, unusual gifts, but what do… [Read More]

Garden Designs all Children will Love

All homes can benefit immensely from a garden, but for a family, it is worth its weight in gold. Rather than hopping about on the furniture or sitting goggle-eyed in front of the TV, having a garden that children want to go out and play in is immensely rewarding – for them as well as for the parents. Whether you invest in a swing set and a trampoline or create a natural haven of insects and plants, your children will love the opportunity to let off steam in a safe environment that’s all their own; even better, all the exercise… [Read More]