Nicola’s IVF Journey. Part 1.

Please welcome Nicola to our blog. Nicola has very kindly agreed to share her IVF Journey with us. This is her first post where Nicola shares her IVF journey so far. Please feel free to share your comments. So, like many others out there I’m on the dreaded (but exciting) journey of IVF. I must admit that before starting on my cycle I went through a whole range of emotions-resentment towards people who fall pregnant naturally, constant disappointment every month when the inevitable period comes, confusion as to why I can’t seem to fall pregnant and a whole host of… [Read More]

B’s Egg Sharing IVF Journey. Part 2. AMH Results.

Following on from last weeks post, B is back to share with us her Egg Sharing IVF Journey. To read her first post, click here. So,  Monday came and I was waiting for the clinic to call me with my results. Being impatient, I decided to call them instead. The line rang through and the receptionist answered and I asked if she could check if my results for my AMH were back yet. She went away to find out, the line went quiet and I was stood there repeating over to myself in my head, “please be good, please be good”.  She came back on… [Read More]

B’s Egg Sharing IVF Journey. Part 1. First Appointment

Please welcome, B, to our blog. B has very kindly agreed to share her IVF Egg Sharing Journey with us. This is her first post, (of many I hope) and this post is about B’s first appointment at the fertility clinic. Please feel free to share your comments and follow B on twitter: @babynowplease Introduction I’ll start off with a little introduction. I’m B. I’m 25 and infertile. I have PCOS and lost my right Fallopian tube due to an ectopic pregnancy in a previous relationship in May 2011. My remaining tube, my left is damaged; it flows but was at one… [Read More]

Surgical Sperm Retrieval – PESA

So, my husbands Surgical Sperm Retrieval (SSR) had been booked. Our consultant called and confirmed that they would go ahead with the sperm retrieval on Saturday the 4th June 2011. We were both feeling nervous and neither of us knew what to expect. Would it hurt? Would they find any sperm? If they did find any, would it be good enough? So many questions ran through our minds. It was around this time that I decided I should be preparing my body for our baby. After doing some research, I decided to start taking Pregnacare Conception Tablets. I know this… [Read More]