To entertain or not to entertain? That is the question!

Over the past two and half years I’ve found lots of different ways to entertain my children. When they were babies simple things such as talking and singing to them worked, as well as pulling silly faces and making funny noises. Like most parents we also invested in a cot mobile – which we never used – along with a variety of toys that made sounds or had flashing lights on! Now that our children are almost three, I’ve been looking at the ways in which I keep my children entertained and I’ve been questioning it. That’s not a bad… [Read More]

Our Cardboard Castle

This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 February challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Longleat Forest. Tots100 and Center Parcs have teamed up to challenge bloggers to get crafty and think of a fun indoor game you can create as a family, made from things you find around the house. Enter the cardboard castle! I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for quite a while. Mainly because we have a stack of various sized cardboard boxes sitting in our porch waiting to be recycled. I often get a huge piece of cardboard… [Read More]