Kirstens IVF Journey with PGD

My long road to get “F”. DH (Dear Husband) and me met when I was 16 and he was 17. Who knew those two naive kids would face so much pain. I fell pregnant at 24 and we were so happy. At 18 weeks we found out our baby had cystic fibrosis. During a scan the sonographer also mentioned that our babies bones were deformed. We were devestated. At 20 weeks we lost our little boy. We named him Callum and to us he was perfect.  The hospital sent Callum’s DNA as well as ours to a clinic in France… [Read More]

B’s Egg Sharing IVF Journey. Part 3. Hitting a brick wall

Following on from last weeks post, B is back to share with us her egg sharing IVF journey. To read last weeks post, please click here. Well, today has been a pretty bad day. It started when I laddered my favourite tights whilst putting them on to get dressed. I am fighting back the tears writing this, I have had a UTI for the past few days, so this morning I made a doctor’s appointment and thought I might as well ask about them doing my screening blood tests for egg sharing. I explained to our GP that we had… [Read More]