The Cost of Moving House

Moving house is an expensive business. This is something my husband and I know all too well. A few years ago we had to move house three times in just four years. The first time was when we lived in a block of flats. When our twin girls were born we soon realised that our cosy little flat just wasn’t big enough anymore. The second and third time was because our landlords decided to sell up. Yes, it’s fair to say that we have a very good idea of the cost of moving house. It doesn’t end there though, as… [Read More]

Driving Yourself To Distraction? Here Are The Keys To Cutting Car Costs

As a parent, a car is a vital piece of equipment. Not owning one is like a chef without a knife or a painter without a brush – it’s pointless. However, because you are a parent the odds are high that you may find the cost of running a vehicle is out of your budget. Let’s face it – cars are not cheap, and they are only getting more expensive. But, you can’t just sell up and start catching the bus because that is a frightening proposition. Can you imagine the kids? It will be anarchy! Thankfully, it is possible… [Read More]

When the unexpected happens…

Sometimes in life things go wrong at the most inopportune moment. One day everything is going your way, you’re happy, you have no stresses, no worries and then the next day things take a turn for the worse. It may not be something major. I mean you may just bump into someone that you’ve been avoiding for a while or perhaps you forget your credit card payment was due two days ago. Either way, it’s things like this can change our moods and outlook on life pretty quickly. Although it’s not life changing, at the time it can feel pretty… [Read More]