The Cost of Moving House: A Handy Calculator!

My husband and I have moved house more times than we care to mention. When we first moved in together, we rented a small two bedroom flat that was on the second floor of a block of flats. It served it’s purpose well, but I did miss having a garden. We had a balcony, but I never really went out there as it was very small. When we discovered that we were pregnant with twins, we knew we needed to find somewhere bigger to live. The thing is that didn’t actually happen until our twins were 11 months old. We… [Read More]

The stress and cost of buying a school uniform

Our twin girls start nursery in a few weeks. It’s only two and a half hours a day to begin with, but they still need a school uniform. We purchased their polo shirts, jumpers and cardigans from the school directly and decided to buy the girls two polo shirts each, two jumpers each and one cardigan each. All of these items have the school logo on them, which is why I bought them direct from the school as oppose to buying plain ones from a supermarket for example. This cost us a total of £80.00. The polo shirts were £6.00… [Read More]

The Cost of Nursery School

Our twins, R and M, are three years old. Starting in September they will be going to nursery school. It’s only two and a half hours a day, but it will strange not to have them home with me all the time. We received a letter a little while ago from the nursery school that they’ll be attending inviting us along to a parents session and a children’s session. The parents session will give parents the chance to meet staff, buy uniforms and learn a little more about the school. I’ll be attending this on my own. I’d love for… [Read More]

Is it possible to feed two year old twins on £60 a week?

I remember the days well before we had children. In particular I remember just how far money used go. Our weekly food shop would come in at £60 a week for the two of us, sometimes less! Since having children that amount has increased substantially! When you factor in nappies, dummies and all the numerous other things children need there’s not much change out of £100! According to the Natwest Cost of Raising a Child Calculator it costs £30 a week to feed a two year old. For obvious reasons I’ve doubled that meaning the national average of feeding two year… [Read More]

The cost of having a premature baby

For many parents the joy of welcoming a new baby into the world is a stress free, family orientated time, but what happens when your baby is born too soon? We always knew our twins would be born early, although I denied it for quite some time. Right up until the week before they were born it still hadn’t sunk in. From the very first scan we had we were told that one baby was measuring on the small side. The nurse told us to prepare ourselves for our next scan as we may lose the smaller baby. Those words… [Read More]

The Fertility Clinic Open Evening

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/ Our story began back in April 2011 My husband and I longed to have a baby together. However, it wasn’t a simple case of ditch the pill and get jiggy in the bedroom! You see, my husband was married before he met me and he has three children by his ex wife. Over ten years ago, he had a vasectomy. On Thursday, the 14th of April 2011, my husband and I attended an open evening at a private fertility clinic. Neither of us knew what to expect and we were both nervous. Would we be… [Read More]