Five Ways to Improve Conception

One in six couples have difficulty trying to conceive, therefore an increasing number of couples are turning to fertility treatments to help them start a family. If you’re contemplating going down the route of IVF, it’s worth considering changing your diet and lifestyle in order to improve your fertility and increase the chances that the IVF treatment will work. Boost your chances of getting pregnant with these 5 trusty tips. 1. Get an Early Night  Research implies that women undergoing IVF treatments see the best results when they regularly get seven to eight hours sleep a night. Do you struggle to… [Read More]

Options for Couples Who Cannot Conceive

Once you’ve decided you want to start a family, struggling to conceive can be heart breaking for any couple. But if you feel you can offer a child a loving and stable home then it may not be time to give up. If you and your partner are finding it difficult to conceive after try consistently the first thing to do is consult a doctor. Your doctor can run a number of tests to find the underlying problem leading to your difficulties and maybe suggest treatment. If treatment is not an option, there are further routes to parenting to go… [Read More]

The Egg Donation Procedure

The decision to give the gift of parenthood is a wonderful one. Becoming an egg donor will fulfil you with a great sense of pride. How?  By knowing that you will have helped infertile couples achieve their dream of becoming parents. Once you have met the essential criteria to become an egg donor, you’ll be able to embark upon the rewarding experience. So, what does the egg donation procedure involve? Your First Appointment At your first appointment, you will discuss the specifics of the egg donor programme as well as your reasons to donate. Do you perhaps have a family… [Read More]

How We Discovered ICSI Was Our Destiny Following Natural Conception

Today’s post is written by Caroline who blogs at Sweetener and Spice. I’d like to thank Caroline for sharing her journey to conceive a sibling for their son with us. You can follow Caroline on Twitter @SweetenerSpice. To read more stories like Carolines please visit our IVF page here. Carolines Story We conceived our son, Thomas, three years ago with relative ease. He was born nine months later, in November 2011, with slightly less ease. Like many first borns, he turned absolutely everything in our lives on its head, but somehow also turned up my capacity to love to something I’d never experienced before…. [Read More]