Copy, Copy, Copy, Me Do

M (left), R (right) It’s great having twins! I would say that though because I’m a twin mum, but it’s true! It’s great! As well as having two beautiful girls to cuddle and kiss and love, we also have two beautiful, messy little girls to clear up after! I often hear of people saying that children learn best by copying what we do. For example, we have a play teapot and tea cups and both our girls pretend to pour themselves a cup of tea and take a sip from the tea cup after watching us pretending to do this…. [Read More]

A day in the life of a twin mum

R (left), M (right) It’s been quite some time since I first wrote my ‘A day in the life of a twin mum‘ post, so I thought it was about time I wrote another and shared with you what our day looks like. In my last post of this type our girls were 11 months old. They are now 19 months old so some things have changed a lot. The first most noteable thing is that we have had a bit of a change around. Back in January, M would spend the night in bed with me and R would spend the… [Read More]

19 Month Update

It’s been some time since I have written an update about our girls so I thought it was about time to write one! R You’re at an age now where you are testing what you can and can’t get away with! At times this is amusing and at other times not so much! You like pressing the button on the TV to turn it off and you’re prone to a tantrum or two, but you did start having tantrums a few months back, so I think it’s safe to say the terrible twos have come early for you. Your speech… [Read More]