SuperZings Series 2 Review

Like the majority of children, our six year old twin girls enjoy collecting toys. That’s why I thought it’d be great for them to review SuperZings. Aimed at boys and girls aged from 4 years old up to 8, SuperZings are collectible figures that children can play with and swap with their friends.

We received the following items to review:

10 Blind bags , 80p each
3 super jets , £1.50 each
5 hideouts , £2.50 2each
1 blister pack £10.00
1 starter pack £5.00

From the moment our girls opened the box, their eyes lit up! These colourful, exciting new SuperZings have cool features such as a brand new ‘SuperCrystal’ finish, along with new hideouts and supercool playsets that offer children added play value and a chance to create their very own SuperZings world. Plus they also give family and gift-givers added choice for young SuperZings’ fans this Christmas.

As ever, it’s the iconic superheroes and super rivals that are at the centre of the action and there are 80 new multi-coloured characters, each with a matching ‘rival’ including an ultra-rare character, 2 gold and 6 silver, to collect.

The key character for series 2 is the extremely rare ‘Professor K’ – the inventor of ‘Krystaline’, a special substance that creates the SuperCrystal SuperZings. There are 24 ‘SuperCrystal’ characters to collect, a brand new finish kids will love to add to their collection.

When you add to all of this the Hideouts which continue for Series 2 with a new cylindrical shape divided into two chambers and colourful sticker decals to heighten the collectability factor, children are going to really enjoy using their imaginations when playing with their very own SuperZings.

As pictured above the SuperZings vehicles get a refresh in Series 2 in the form of a range of SuperJets – motorbike, boat, helicopter and quad. There are eight to collect in a variety of different colours.

If you’re already a fan of SuperZings then you’ll be pleased to know that this is an all new series of SuperZings – series 2 – which has been launched just in time for back to school much to the delight of fans.

The blind bags went down particularly well with our girls. I like that they’re easy for them to open, plus the variety of characters available is impressive, and this of course makes them highly collectable.

We also received the SuperZings Rivals of Kaboom Comic-Guide which has lots of great stories in.
They also have a website which features lots of great activities.

In addition to the SuperZing characters, there are lots of other playsets available to go with the series, such as the Police station, Secret lab and Kaboom Race Set.

The hideouts which I mentioned above are pictured below. These went down very well with our girls. They loved hiding the different SuperZings in them, plus they can also be stacked into a tall tower!

As you can see from the images below, there are lots to collect.

Overall, R and M really like the SuperZings. I think the blind bags at just 80p each are great value for money, and provide lots of fun for children. I also really like that you can get different playsets.

For the purpose of this review we were gifted the above products. All views and opinions are 100% my own.

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