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I’m a firm believer that making learning fun for children is the best ay for them to become engaged and interested in the activity they’re doing. Learning through fun is a pretty effective way for children learn things quickly.

In our home we like to play games. We have certainly have plenty of them! One of my favourite is a card game that is all about identifying different shapes and matching them to the correct pile. By learning their shapes using this game, our girls are shape experts!

When the lovely people over at Parragon Books asked if I’d like to review their super exciting Start Little Learn Big Box, I said yes straight away! Anything that helps my children to learn will always spark my interest!

When a parcel arrived a few days later, I was pretty bowled over by the Start Little Learn Big Box. It’s like a giant book!

Inside the box were three books: Out and About, Letters I Know and Opposites.

I’ll talk about each book individually! My absolute favourite book is the wipe-clean writing practise book called, Letters I Know. I always think these books are really handy for long journeys in the car on an aeroplane because the pen is attached inside so you won’t lose it, but also because once completed you can wipe it all out and start again!

This book is really colourful and has lots of fun picture inside. On the first page you can find all of the letters of the alphabet for children to praise their letter formation. Our girls are currently learning about letters so this is really helpful. I like that there is a dot on each letter to show the starting point, and an arrow which shows the direction children need to go in order to start writing the letters.

The next few pages have some individual letters on, along with pictures of things that start with that letter. This is great for teaching letter sounds, something our girls are also learning at the moment. As you can see the letter ‘e’ has a picture of an ‘explorer’ and an ‘elephant’. There’s also a fun star for children to trace too!

I also really like this book has a handy carry handle so children can carry it themselves when wandering around! On each page there are also pictures of different shapes so we’ve been using these to reinforce our knowledge of the shape names!

The next book is called ‘Opposites’. Much like the book above, this is a bright colourful book with a fun cut out circle on the front page for children to ‘peek inside’. This is a ‘life-the-flap’ book which my girls love! They really enjoying the surprise of what’s behind the flap along with the curiosity of guessing what it might be!

The first page is all about the beach and has four flaps for children to lift up. The open umbrella shows a closed umbrella underneath the flap. The happy boy turns into a sad boy when you lift the flap up as he’s dropped his ice cream.

The picture of ‘a few’ seagulls turns into ‘a lot’ and the picture of the ‘dry’ boy turns into a ‘wet’ boy when he splashes in the sea, something our girls love to do as well!

As well as the beach there is also a page that shows a park, the city, the zoo, at home and the farm. Each page is full of colourful and interesting pictures. The farm page has cute pigs on and shows the opposites of ‘full’, ‘clean’, ‘quiet’ and ‘in front’.

I really like the idea of a book that teaches children about opposites. They already know up, down, in, out etc, but some of them like ‘lift’ and ‘lower’ which is depicted as a crane picking up a beam, they didn’t know.

The last book is called ‘Out and About’. This book has over 150 everyday words and phrases in. The aim of this book is to learn everyday words and phrases as you explore different places such as the shops, library, dentists or whilst on the bus.

Running down the right hand side of the book are brightly coloured pictures which are different sizes which makes it easy for children to go straight to their chosen page. Children will also have fun trying to spot these items in the pictures.

Each page has lots of things on for children look at, as well as different words and phrases. The page below shows things that you might find at the shops such as shoes, flowers, bread, oranges, carrots and tomatoes, as well as things that you might see on the way there such as a dog on a lead, a bird, a pushchair etc.

It’s a great little book for early readers. I especially like the ‘dentist’ page which shows people being greeted and then waiting in the waiting room surrounded by phrases such as ‘Hello, can I help you?’ and ‘Is it our turn yet?’.

The park page is also another good one as it shows ‘friends’, ‘butterfly’, ’roundabout’, ‘path’ etc.

Overall, we think that all three books are fantastic. They all have different aims, but they’re all engaging, fun and brightly coloured.

For the purpose of this review we were sent the items above free of charge. All views and opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. These books all look amazing! My little boy adores lift the flap books so Opposites would be a great book for him. I’m looking forward to him getting a bit older and enjoying activities like these. Thanks for sharing

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