Sorry my child doesn’t want to play with yours!

If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you’ll already know just how different our twin girls are.

M is really girly. She loves dressing up as princesses, playing with dolls, wearing dresses and generally anything pink and cuddly.
R loves wearing shorts and t-shirts, dressing up as superheroes, playing football and loves the colour blue.

They’re also pretty different personality wise. R loves music and is very independent therefore likes to do things herself. She enjoys playing on her own, as well as with M, mummy, daddy and her older siblings. 
M loves to play with others and will happily go up to children in the park, usually girls, actually always girls! She’ll ask what their names are and find out things about them.
She’s pretty funny actually. Whenever she makes a new friend, she always tells me and usually says that they’re her new best friend!
It’s fair to say that M would make friends with anyone and I can see her having a big circle of friends when she’s older.
R, on the other hand is a bit more selective. She has one best friend, who sadly won’t be going to the same school as her. She plays with other children, mainly if she sees M doing do so.
My friends children all get along with our twins, but they can sometimes be a little too forward for R’s liking. 
R loves cuddle off mummy and daddy, occasionally will accept them from M, but from other children? No way! When one of my friends daughters tried to hug her, she in no uncertain terms will push them away gently. She just doesn’t like it and I respect her for that and would never make her hug someone she didn’t want to.

This also goes for playing with other children. A little girl asked R to play, and R said no. I’ll be honest R was tired so she did sound a tad abrupt, and I could see the little girls parents looking a bit sad for their daughter as she’d been rejected by R, but what was I supposed to do?
I’m sorry my child didn’t want to play with yours, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like your child. 
R just needs a bit of time to warm up to others. M on the other hand jumped at the chance to play with the girl and it wasn’t long before R joined in too which was nice to see.
I guess it just bugs me sometimes when other parents get offended that my kids have said no theirs. 
Every kid is different. Not every kid wants to play and cuddle other kids, whilst other children are happy to. 
I love the way our girls are so much. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to express that. Don’t ever change!

7 thoughts on “Sorry my child doesn’t want to play with yours!

  1. Interesting post….my little boy often needs a bit of time to warm up, especially when it comes to other kids. He doesn't like it if children are in his face, he needs to assess the situation first! #bestandworst

  2. I find my eldest will often take a little while to warm up to others when we go to baby groups or even playdates. Some days he just doesn't want to socialise, which I totally understand as i'm the same! #BloggerClubUK

  3. It can be tough. I think for parents of little socialites like mine, its not so much being offended, as worried that our kids will take it personally. It silly, because they just go find another kid, but we all worry about the craziest things sometimes don't we? #bestandworst

  4. My two son's are so different too. My little one is on the autistic spectrum though and will happily just tell somebody that he doesn't like them. It can be a little embarrassing at times!

  5. I love the way your two girls are so different – little free spirits and that is how it should be. If you intervened with that child, it could have pushed R into doing what she didn't want so it was the right thing. Sure the other kid will get over it!! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  6. I love this! It’s a hard situation, I remember being that child who was told no when I wanted to play with someone, but then I also know what it feels like to not want to play – being one of 6 children, sometimes you just need some alone time! I think it’s great your girls are so comfortable doing what they need to do, and are so different from each other #bestandworst

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