SlimFast Update Month 1

It’s now been one month since I started using SlimFast and following their plan to lose weight. I wrote last month about how I was lucky enough to be invited to meet SlimFast along with their brand ambassador, Alexandra Burke, for lunch and to find out more about their products.

I learnt so much at the meeting and ever since, I’ve had so much fun exploring all the different foods that their range offers.

From the porridges for breakfast, (golden syrup is my favourite), to the snacks, meal replacement bars, shakes and noodle pots, I love them all!

I’m finding the plan really easy to follow. You simply choose three snacks for the day, so this could be their snack bars such as the heavenly chocolate one which is my favourite, SlimFast Cheddar Bites, SlimFast Pretzels or fruit. Then you chose two meals for breakfast and lunch such as a shake, porridge or meal replacement bar and then you have one 600kcal meal a day too. (800kcal for men).

I really like how quick and easy the food is to prep. It means on the days where I’m busy, such as the school run, or work days, I can just grab a pre-made shake, or sachet of porridge and be on my way.

So how much weight have I lost and have I stuck to the plan?

I won’t divulge my exact weight at the moment. Maybe that’s something I’ll do when I reach my goal, but I’m more than happy to share my weight loss with you so here goes…

So, as you can see I’ve lost just over half a stone in four weeks!

I’m really happy with my progress so far. I have stuck to plan for the most part, but I haven’t forbidden myself from the occasional treat. For example I’m allowing myself to have one takeaway every two weeks.

Before starting SlimFast my husband and I would quite often have a number of takeaways each week. I’ve had a cheeky biscuit here and there too, but for me it’s all about moderation. I’ve learnt to be happy with one biscuit, instead of half a pack of biscuits! It’s amazing how quickly by body and I have adjusted to this.

For my 600kcal meal this varies. I might have an omelette, chicken wrap or grilled chicken and veg etc. The SlimFast website also has some free meal plans you can download for some inspiration, as well as some recipes. They also have an app which you can use to track your progress and a supportive Facebook group.

SlimFast are very supportive and I quite often tweet or tag them in an Instagram photo to let them know how I’m doing!

In addition to what I’ve been eating, I’ve also been exercising regularly. I run two to three times a week which is something I really enjoy as it’s a little ‘me’ time! I’ve got a 5k run this weekend and a 10k coming up in July so wish me luck for those! I also managed to achieve two big things this week. Firstly I got a new personal best for my 5k time – 31 minutes 55 seconds! Secondly, I managed to break the 5k barrier that’s had a hold of me for what feels like forever, and I actually ran 6.32km. It wasn’t fast, but I did it!

So that’s how I’m doing so far. I’ll be sure to keep you updated! Wish me luck!

This post is in no way endorsed by SlimFast. I decided to share my progress with you as I love the plan so much!

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