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When I was growing up, my sister and I would spend months saving up all of our pocket money so that we could go on a shopping spree in our local town centre. We loved it so much that it pretty much turned into an annual thing. We’d treat ourselves to some new clothes, perhaps some makeup and most likely a McDonalds too!

We used to get around £3.50 a week in pocket money, so we’d save up until we both had around £100 each. On average this would take us approximately seven months! Our parents would chip in to help though so we usually had enough within the space of five months.

Looking back now, it was actually a really good way to teach us about the value of money. It’s certainly something that I’ve carried into my adult life as I’m very careful with money. Nowadays I don’t tend to venture into the city centre often to do my shopping. I prefer to do it online as I find it quicker and more convenient. Plus our four year old twin girls get bored pretty quickly!

The thing is when I’m buying clothes online I like to hunt around for the best deals, but that can be pretty time consuming. For our upcoming holiday I really want a pair of gladiator sandals. My last pair were super comfortable, but they’re starting to look a little tatty now. I’m not surprised as I’ve had them almost two years! They’re still very comfortable though!

Unfortunately I can’t remember where I bought them from originally so I turned to the internet to search for gladiator sandals. Have you ever searched for gladiator sandals online? I have and I received about 994,000 results! That’s a lot of results to filter through to find the best deal on a pair of sandals!

Luckily whilst searching online I came across Every Day Is Black Friday. By typing gladiator sandals into the search bar I was shown lots of different sandals all at different prices. I then click the ‘Discounts Only’ option and was shown the gladiator sandals that were currently discounted.

I love the silver pair in the middle and what a bargain at just £11! They’d look great on the beach teamed up with a pair of denim shorts, but they’d also transfer well into night wear with a maxi dress.

Everyday Is Black Friday is the UK’s one and only price drop detector. It’s clever software picks up on price drops and will display that sale on the front end of the website, making it possible for users to search and compare the items they’re willing to buy. It’s a great tool that saves us both time and money.

You can also search for household appliances such as washing machines, fridges and vacuum cleaners.

Shopping online is super convenient for so many people for lots of different reasons. For me I like it because I can get what I want delivered straight to my door. I don’t have to drag the kids around the shop and I can get the best deals meaning I can save money too.

Of course I do like to wander around the shops, but I sometimes go off track and end up buying things that I hadn’t planned on buying! I’m sure I’m not alone in doing that though!

I also do my food shop online for this reason too! I know if I did it in-store I’d end up buying way too many things that weren’t on my shopping list, especially if the girls came with me too!

Do you shop online or do you prefer to go in-store?

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