Review: West Midland Safari Park Ice Age Exhibit

West Midland Safari Park is one of our favourite family days out.

It’s only a 90-120 minute drive from our home in Cardiff, and it’s an absolutely brilliant day out! The park opens at 10am, so we like to arrive a good twenty minutes beforehand so that we can be as close to the front of the queue as possible!

Once you’ve bought your tickets and animal you can drive into the drive-through safari area. First up you’ll find deer, and wild dogs, followed by Rhino’s, lions, tigers, zebras, elephant and my favourite, giraffes!

I love feeding the giraffes! They’re such gentle creatures!

Once through the safari drive-through you can park your car and enter the walk-through area. Here you’ll find penguins, sea lion show, reptile world, African village, creepy crawlies, and so much more!

I’ve written previously about our trips to West Midland Safari Park. You can read my post here, but for this post, I’m focusing on the new Ice Age Exhibit!

This exhibit lets you step back in time with the UK’s largest Ice Age exhibit, and walk amongst the magnificent creatures that roamed the Earth millions of years ago.

Explorers can go on a prehistoric journey of life on Earth after the dinosaurs became extinct. Wander through an enormous rumbling volcano and pass through a huge atmospheric ice cave.

We start in the Oligocene Epoch, when dinosaurs had just become extinct from Earth and many areas were now overrun with forests, grasses and plant life.

Next up is the Pleistocene Epoch, where the Earth was beginning to cool. We then move onto the Holocene Epoch where temperatures on Earth continue to plummet, resulting in a drop in sea and rainfall levels. Huge ice sheets and glaciers formed, covering extensive areas in both hemispheres of the Earth, therefore marking the start of the Ice Age.

The whole walk through experience really was superb. As well as being able to look at the various creatures, there were also fossils along the way and a huge volcano to walk through.

Our girls, and I really did enjoy the Ice Age exhibit.

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