Review: Playmobil Children’s Playground

When I look back at my childhood, I always have this one memory of my sister and I playing with a children’s playground set. I can’t remember what make it was, but I do remember we had so much fun playing with it.

Quite often when my girls and I go shopping they like to look at the toys, and Playmobil is one brand they’re always drawn towards. We’ve never owned any Playmobil toys before so when Smyths Toys kindly sent us a Playmobil Children’s Playground to review I was keen to see what it was like, as were our twin girls!

Available online here for £39.99, this Children’s Playground set includes a carousel, swings, slide and a skateboard ramp.

It also comes with 9 Playmobil figures which I think is great value for money. It’s even better when you have twins as there’s plenty of figures for them to share with one another and their friends.

The set also includes the following accessories: bike, scooter, sieve, bucket, watering can, rake, spade, bench, stool, crate, bottles, tongs, barbecue, barbecue cover, barbecue griddle, basket, 2 apples and 6 sausages.

Our twin girls, R and M, really like the Playmobil Children’s Playground.

After getting all of the pieces out of the box, our girls carefully arranged the playground and started making up different scenarios and games.

I will just also say that putting this set together was very quick and easy. No batteries are needed which is always a bonus too!

Our girls started off by cycling and scooting to the playground with their figures.

R really likes the skateboard ramp, and enjoyed making her figure skate down it before stopping for a snack from the barbecue that Maisie had been ‘cooking’ with her figure. The skateboard has a stand that the figures can stand on whilst riding down the ramp.

Another part of this set that I really like is the carousel. It can be turned around and the swings can also move backwards and forwards.

I really like the attention to detail such as the recycle bin, picnic basket and food. There are so many different pieces to play with that our girls have had many hours of fun making up different games to play with it.

It’s really well made, colourful and well thought out. It’s durable so it’ll last a long while too.

Overall, we’re very pleased with the Playmobil Children’s Playground.

For the purpose of this review we were sent the Playmobil Children’s Playground and a Smyths Toys voucher.

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