Return to the school gates: The good, the bad and the ugly!

It’s official – half term is well and truly over!

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Schools are back and with it some normality can (hopefully) be regained!

But, what does the return to school mean for you and your family?

For most it means forking out for new school uniforms, pencils, pens and that awful sticky stuff to cover school books with! I can never get it on without a few bubbles or wrinkled lines! Just me?

Evenings are spent creating packed lunches that look like works of art. Posh ham sandwiches in the shape of a dinosaur anyone?

Dicing cheese into perfect little cubes and gently sliding them onto sticks accompanied with olives and cherry tomatoes.
Heaven forbid you even think about putting a chocolate bar or pack of crisps into your child’s lunch box! Our local primary school have banned all ‘unhealthy’ food.

I’m sure I read somewhere that chocolate is actually good for you! Apparently eating chocolate can help you live longer and make you feel happier!

A happy child is a good child after all!

Oh and then there’s the homework. I’m sure homework has become more difficult since I was in school!

Can you actually believe that I used to enjoy homework!

I even used to set myself maths questions and test myself! Nowadays though homework is something I need a university degree to try and understand what it is my child is expected to do!

Of course you then have all the birthday parties that you need to buy presents and cards for! Oh and don’t even get me started about buying lavish presents for teachers when it comes to the end of term!

The thing that bugs me the most though is getting everyone up, dressed and out of the house. Why is it always the way that when you have nothing to do and nowhere to go the kids are fed, dressed and ready to go to the park, but on a day where you have to be somewhere they struggle to emerge from under their duvets?!

On the plus side though the return to school does mean that you can sit down for at least five minutes, sometimes longer if you don’t have clothes to wash, rooms to clean or shopping to do, and actually drink a cup of tea in peace or just sit and enjoy the silence!

If you don’t work and have some money saved away, you could enjoy a day of relaxation and pampering or have a catch up with some friends over cake and tea.

However you feel about the return to school, I hope your little one enjoys it!

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