Preparing for your first summer holiday with the kids

If your kids have just finished their first year of school, no doubt they’re excited for the upcoming six week holidays. You may be feeling a little less excited and considerably more apprehensive – but this is normal! Six weeks off school leaves a lot to be arranged, from activities to childcare, and this can put strain on even the most organised of parents.

The team over at Wellkid Peppa Pig Multi-Vits have put together their top tips for making sure you’re prepared for the holidays – check them out below!

Plan and stick to a budget to avoid overspending

Entertaining and looking after your children all day, every day can be costly, and these unexpected expenses can easily add up. Make sure you have a little extra money put away for outings, activities and extra food during the summer holidays so you’re not caught short in the run up to payday.

It’s worth remembering that it is definitely possible to do the summer holidays on a budget! Look for free activities or playgroups in your area, or get the kids to be a little crafty and make their own toys and games from household objects. This way, you’ll keep them occupied without having to spend lots of money.

Have plenty of activities prepared

Six weeks is a very long time and it’s likely that you’ll hear cries of “I’m bored!” at some point during the holidays. Having activities prepared and ready to go means that you can quickly divert your kid’s attention to something else, and avoid a meltdown.

Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration, but keep an eye out in supermarkets and pound shops for cheap activities such as colouring books or craft sets that you can keep to hand during the holidays.

Arrange playdates and sleepovers

Playdates and sleepovers are a great way for the kids to stay occupied, and to get them out of your hair for a few hours! It also means that your children won’t lose touch with the friends that they’ve made during the school year.

Before school finishes for summer, make sure to exchange contact details with other parents, so you can easily get in touch with them to organise a meetup.

Keep a routine

Although the holidays are meant to be a little more relaxed, keeping a routine can help make sure your kids get enough sleep, eat well, and are happy and healthy. By going to bed at the same time each night, even if it’s a little later than usual, you can make sure that they are well rested. Obviously, it’s important to be a little more flexible for special occasions such as trips away or sleepovers, but having something resembling a structure will help to keep you all on track throughout the holidays.

Take time out for yourself

Summer holidays can be stressful for parents, so remember to take some time out for yourself regularly. This could simply be going for a walk or it could mean taking a whole day to relax. If you have a partner, arrange taking ‘shifts’ with the kids so each of you has some downtime, or enlist the help of friends and family for babysitting duties. It will help you to stay happy and relaxed during the holidays, which will benefit the kids too!

What are your top tips for managing the summer holidays? Let us know in the comments!


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