Potty Training

For a number of months now I have been thinking about potty training and when we should start. I’ve read numerous things on different parenting websites and on social media, but in truth I don’t know where to begin.


The only thing I do know is that I want to wait as long as possible. I want to wait until our girls have passed their second birthday which is in February. One of the things I have heard over and over again is that if you start too soon, when you’re children are too young or when they’re simply not ready, it can actually take longer to potty train them and can also be more frustrating for both you and your child.


Our twins are and have been for quite some time now showing signs that they’re more aware of their bodies and what’s going on. When they do a wee, they’ll often stop what they’re doing and point to their nappies and then happily continue to play.


When they’ve done a number two, they’ll come and tell us by waving their hands in front of their noses and saying smelly! Although they can say poo, they’ve picked up on the word smelly! 

Sometimes even, when they’re about to do a number two they know and they’ll tell us before they’ve done it.


These are all good signs that they’re getting ready. I also read somewhere that you’re child should be able to take off their nappy before you start potty training. Both R and M have started doing this recently. For example when we have a shower, I’ll undress them, but rather than me taking their nappies off for them, I ask them to take them off themselves and they do!


Such clever girls!


They’re experts at pulling their socks off, undoing their shoes and zips on their coats and it seems that this another thing they’ll soon be doing well too.


I’m still not sure whether I’ll use a potty or whether I’ll just go straight to the toilet with them. Whenever I say this, it reminds of some of the things I said before the girls were born. Things like, I’ll go out on my own with them as soon as I’m home and I’ll definitely, under no circumstances give them dummies!


If you’ve already potty trained your little one you might be laughing at me for making that statement! I may even end up laughing at that statement myself when the times comes to potty train them!


I just think if I can get them both to use the toilet from the start it would be so much easier than finally getting them used to going on a potty, but then having to transition from the potty to the toilet. I guess time will tell.


I have no idea about what you do with regard to potty training away from home. I know if you use a potty, you can take it with you, so I’m assuming you could pop a nappy on when away from home and hopefully they’ll recognise when they need to go and instead of going in their nappy they’ll ask for the toilet.


I guess when we become parents we have a lot to learn!


I’ll keep you updated!

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    1. Thanks Mrs G! I'm looking forward to so much as the girls get older! They're playing with each other more and more and it's just adorable! Videos coming soon to our you tube channel x

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