Potty Training Twins

Potty training twins?
Where do I start?!
That’s what I thought when the idea first popped into my head!
I didn’t worry too much about it though and decided to take it all in my stride.
One thing I knew for definite was that I wanted to wait until our girls were at least two years old. I’d heard that before this age children don’t have the ability to control their bowels. Plus if you start when your child is too young or if they aren’t ready it can end up being more stressful for you both and can take longer than it needs to.
So with this in mind everything started off pretty relaxed.
Our girls have watched my husband and I pretty much every time we needed to go to the toilet. Their inquisitive nature as to why we would sit down on this cold, white porcelain seat seemingly appearing to do nothing intrigued them!

From a very early age we encouraged our girls to have some ‘naked time’ in the evenings before bed. Of course there were a few accidents, but nothing that couldn’t be cleaned up. We never made a fuss when they did have an accident. Just a simple ‘never mind, it’s ok’ would suffice.
I knew it wouldn’t be long before our girls would want to have a go on the toilet themselves. The first time they asked they both did a wee. Hoorah!
I clapped and celebrated with them both as though I’d just won the lottery!
I never made an issue of making them go to the toilet. I wouldn’t ask if they wanted to go, instead I let them decide for themselves.
For a few days, weeks even they didn’t ask to go again.
I didn’t think too much of it because they were still young. We decided to buy a potty for ‘naked time’ so that we could gradually introduce the idea of using a potty to them.
After a week or two they soon got to grips with what the potty was for. Inevitably we had accidents, but that was ok. It’s a learning curve.
I started letting the girls go without a nappy and trousers in the day so that I didn’t end up with a big pile of washing at the end of every day!
I’d ask every now and again if they needed to go, but wouldn’t force the issue.
Gradually over time, R was soon fully potty trained.
I felt confident to take R out without a nappy on and I invested in a portable, foldable potty.
Our first trip without a nappy was to a local park.
Somewhere not far from home, but long enough to mean that the chances of R needing to use the potty whilst we were out was quite high.
I asked her quite a few times on the way to the park if she needed to go and then when we arrived I sat her on the potty.
I then sat her on the potty again before we left.
No accidents! Yay! Our first trip had been a success!
M took a little longer to potty train and at one point I did consider putting her back into nappies as I thought maybe she wasn’t ready yet and I could just try again in a month or so.
I’m glad that I didn’t though. We persevered and I’m proud to say that both our girls are potty trained!
We still have the odd accident now and again, but it’s not very often.
We’re just getting the girls used to the idea of using the toilet now and have invested in a toilet seat and stool.
They’re both pretty good and tend to use the toilet more than their potties now so it won’t be long before I remove the potties completely.
Some people may be feeling nervous about their first trip out with their child without a nappy on, but if I could offer some advice it would be to ensure that you have some spare clothes packed away. A few nappies just in case it all gets a bit much and some wet wipes.
I’d highly recommend getting a portable potty which can be folded up. I’ve used ours in the park, on a main road, in the supermarket, in a car park, pretty much everywhere.l!
No-one has ever approached me to complain. I do it pretty discreetly either behind the pram or with the car door open.
If anyone does say anything to me though my response would be simple.
“Would you rather see them wet themselves or briefly using a potty in public?”
I guess the next step now though is getting them to use a toilet when we go out. I’m not sure of their abilities to hold it in yet, but I guess there’s only way to find out!
Do you have any potty training tips or concerns?

8 thoughts on “Potty Training Twins

  1. Yay well done to the twins. I love your approach too with the gradual process. I ended up using a lot of bribery with Z which worked eventually! 🙂

  2. You handled the process really well and calmly. It is always best to wait until they are ready, trying too early just seems to set the process back ven more.

  3. I started potty training my son way late. He is 3 and is starting pre-school already. But since he is old enough we only need to do it one half term time. His school is nice enough to help. They would ask him if needs to go for a wee or poo. #binkylinky

  4. I absolutely agree with your response about using potties etc in public. Once you are in that potty training world, you see it everywhere!
    One of my friends who has boy twins found that one was ready to train six months before the other one. I thought that was quite fascinating as before that I always presumed twins would do it at the same time.

  5. I am a great fan of the slow but sure wins the race (eventually) approach to potty training! I confess, I rather favoured the widdling on a tree approach for barely trained children. But it was of a shock to discover that it works much better for boys than girls, so perhaps your portable potty would have been better. #BinkyLinky

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