Plan Family Fun For The Christmas Break

It’s official. There are now less than 10 weeks until the Christmas holiday! While it might be a little too early to plan your presents, it’s not too early to prepare your holiday. Indeed, as time is not slowing down, Halloween is just around the corner. You know that once you’ve finished making the costume of your little ones, it’ll be just enough time to do your Christmas shopping. In other words, you will be too overwhelmed by stress to schedule some well-deserved family fun.

Indeed, the Christmas time has become synonymous with stress. Parents are nervous that they’ll never get everything ready on time and kids, ultimately, react to the nervosity they can feel in the air. You need to schedule some peaceful moments in advance, first to recharge your batteries before the next year, and secondly to make the most of the festive season with your family. Here are some ideas to get started. Spoiler alert: You don’t need weeks of preps to make it work!

Homemade gingerbread house

Nothing like a walk outside

Classics such as the old Star Wars and Harry Potter films tend to populate our screens during the Christmas break. They are favourites of the family and, it’s fair to say that they gather all generations in the living room. The only problem is that they tend to encourage families to stay in over the break, leading to the excessive consumption of reality TV shows, advertising and ultimately the culture of self-consciousness. The last thing you want at Christmas is to be reminded of healthy habits and the benefits of a gym membership. Healthy habits are honourable, but don’t let Christmas turn into an indoor celebration. It might be winter but nature is not dead – take a stroll outside. Head to the park. Go to the woods. Just get together and refuel your mind outdoors.

Keeping the kids and the grandparents entertained on Boxing Day

Admittedly, depending on where you live, the weather around the Christmas time might not be exactly wonderful. A snowy day would be wonderful, but let’s be honest: most of the UK will have either rain or sleet. There’s no much snow coming down over here unless it’s an exceptional year. Indeed, while the MET is warning about one of the coldest winters that Britain has seen in a long time, the odds of a white Christmas are still low for now. So, if the temperatures are too cold for a walk in the park, you’ll have to stay at home. But turn the TV off and get the Christmas jigsaws instead – if you don’t have any, it’s time to order yours now. Your essentials for a perfect Christmas holiday afternoon together are a board game and a hot cup of chocolate. You’re guaranteed to put a smile on everybody’s faces!

Get everyone excited about baking

Christmas is a period of indulgence. It’s not really festive unless you’ve got cakes, and sweets and some chocolate on top! But refrain from emptying the Christmas treats aisle in the shop. You could get your family busy with Christmas-themed homemade food. For younger chefs, a snowman pizza lets your little ones have fun with a simple pizza base and some classic ingredients: tomato sauce, cheese and small olives for the decoration. Or if you’re looking for a nice savoury treat, you could make your own sausage rolls with ready-made puff pastry. And finish with melted snowman cookies to give your sweet tooth a kick! When you can’t remove the indulgence spirit from the holiday, you can at least turn it into a family activity. It’s a lot more convivial than grabbing a pack of biscuits in the pantry!

Brain and brown together

If you live in town, you might be lucky with the weather. The presence of car traffic and buildings can help to take the worst of the cold weather. So, you could plan an afternoon in town with your family without feeling like you’re in the middle of the North Pole. Make sure to check with your local tourist centre to find out about the latest events. A lot of big towns are offering outdoor escape games which you can play together along with an app. The principle is simple; you have a limited time to solve a mystery. It’s a fun and engaging activity that gets everyone active, walking around, looking for clues and solving simple riddles. Just the thing you need to fight off the winter slump!

Take the kids to an outdoor adventure

Christmas is naturally stressful. But, while you can’t escape the pre-celebration stress, you can make sure to include some relaxing time as a family to your holiday plan. From an energetic walk to the park to an afternoon of games and hot chocolates, you don’t need much to bring back the magic of Christmas.

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