Our Pregnancy Diary: The First Trimester.

During our pregnancy, we decided to keep a pregnancy diary. The reason behind this, is because we didn’t want to forget a single moment of our pregnancy. I also want to share this special and precious time of our lives with our children when they are older. I would encourage everyone to write a pregnancy diary. I love reading mine back and remembering the little things I had forgotten. Pregnancy is so special. The best gift anyone can ever have. Here, we will share with you our pregnancy diary & bump pictures. I hope you enjoy!

4 weeks pregnant. Tuesday, 2nd August 2011

Mummy and daddy woke up very early this morning, 05.30am! Nervous and excited, we did a pregnancy test. POSITIVE! Lots of laughter and happy tears!! We also tested on the 3rd and again on the 5th of August, just to make sure we weren’t dreaming!

5 weeks pregnant. Thursday, 18th August 2011

We had our first scan today. We worked out that we should be around 6 weeks 3 days pregnant. I had an internal scan and I can confirm that we are expecting twins! OMG, it’s twins!

We feel so happy and so very lucky! Twin 1 measured 6 weeks and 1 day (3.7mm). Twin 2 measured 5 weeks and 6 days (2.8mm). So tiny! We saw two beautiful heartbeats. It brought tears to mummy and daddy’s eyes. We feel so very lucky. 

The nurse told us to air on the side of caution with regards to twin 2. She said that she wanted to see how twin 2 develops because he/she was on the small side. She advised us not to be surprised if, at the next scan there was only one baby. 

Positive thinking…there will be two babies at our next scan, there will be, there will. 

We saw the embryologist on the way out and he always said I would get pregnant and with twins too! So, when we told him the good news he said, “What a surprise!”

Daddy rang nanna as soon as we left, whilst we were sat in the car and she was over the moon. Very happy and emotional. Mummy then rang Auntie K, who was also very happy and excited. 

We have another scan in a weeks time because the nurse said my ovaries were still swollen and one is the same size as my uterus, which isn’t clever but she said it would be good to see how you have both developed in a weeks time. 

Mummy and daddy went to the supermarket afterwards, and couldn’t resist buying you a little outfit each and 2 sets of mittens! 
Sooo excited and feel very very lucky!

Symptoms up until 20th August 2011

  • Very early cramping around time AF due
  • Tired and hungry (nothing new there though!)
  • Tender and bigger boobs
  • Extreme happiness, applicable to mummy and daddy!
7 weeks pregnant. Thursday, 25th August 2011

We had our second scan today and I’m very happy to say that both babies are doing well. Twin 1 measures exactly 7 weeks. That means you have grown 6 days in the last week. You are now 9.7mm long. How tiny is that?! You’ve grown a lot in 7 days! 

Twin 2 measures 6 weeks and 5 days. That means you have also grown 6 days in the last week. You are now 8.4mm. So tiny! You’ve also grown a lot in 7 days! Mummy and daddy saw both your little heartbeats, beating in sync with each other.

The swelling of my ovaries has also gone down, yay! We have to wait two weeks now for our next scan on September 8th 2011. The nurse said at this scan we should be able to see your little arms and legs (so excited). Mummy and daddy are thinking of having a 4d scan later into our pregnancy.

Symptoms up until 27th August 2011
  • Stronger cramps because you are both growing so much. The cramping means my uterus is expanding and making room for you both!
  • Still tired and hungry!
  • Boobs still tender and growing
  • Slight nausea, on and off for 1-2 days
  • More extreme happiness!
8 weeks pregnant. Saturday, 3rd September 2011

I have had a water infection for a few days. The GP prescribed me some antibiotics but I was too scared to take them in case they affected either of you. He reassured me that they wouldn’t but I was still too scared to take them. I thought if I bought some cranberry juice it might flush it out, but no such luck. Reluctantly, I took the antibiotics and all is well. 

Mummy and daddy have set a date to get married, Monday, January 16th 2012. Your next scan is in 5 days time and we can’t wait to see you both again.

Symptoms up until 9th September 2011
  • The urge to pee every morning with a very full bladder!
9 weeks pregnant. Thursday, 8th September 2011

We had a scan today and my how you have grown! Twin 1 measures 9 weeks and 1 day. Twin 2 measures exactly 9 weeks. Twin 2 had hiccups, so you were jumping up and down on the screen! You both look like proper little babies now and no longer like prawns! We saw both of your feet, hands, bodies and heads. We could also see twin 1’s umbilical cord. Our estimated due date is April 12th 2012, but the nurse said you will most likely be born before then. Our next scan is Monday, September 12th 2011. We love you both so much.

10 weeks pregnant. Monday, 12th September 2011

We had our ‘booking in’ appointment today at the hospital. We were seen pretty quickly which surprised me as I expected to be waiting a while. Mummy had her blood pressure taken, was weighed (74kg), had my height measured (167cm), gave a pee sample and we had our first tummy scan. 

Twin 1 measures 10 weeks and 1 day. You’re now 32.3mm. Twin 2 measures 9 weeks and 4 days. You’re now 27.1mm. You’ve both grown so much! We saw you both wriggling around in mummy’s tummy!

The nurse said that you have a placenta each, which apparently is better than you sharing one, as in that instance one baby usually gets more food than the other and it can make pregnancy more complicated. The nurse also said that my ovary was still swollen and she mentioned that I had slight OHSS (Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation syndrome).

After the tummy scan we saw a midwife, who advised that we would be consultant led because we were having twins. 

11 weeks pregnant. Thursday, 22nd September 2011

Our 3 Month Twin Bump

We met our consultant today. Mummy had her blood pressure taken and gave another pee sample! The consultant explained that you will both get into your final positions around 34 weeks, ready for delivery. If twin 1 is head down, we can go for a natural delivery, if not we will be looking at a c-section. The consultant explained that if you hadn’t arrived by 37 weeks (around the 19th March 2012), that mummy would be induced. 

The consultant prescribed mummy iron to prevent anemia and also prescribed dispersable aspirin to help ensure mummy’s blood pressure remains ok. We were lucky enough to be offered another scan, as a registrar was sitting in with the consultant and she was being trained, so we saw you both again. Yay! You were both wriggling around and waving!! We booked a private scan at 16 weeks on the 18th October 2011, because we can’t to see you again! We have our 20 week anomaly scan on 21st November 2011, followed by a scan every 4 weeks, with our next one after the anomaly scan, 3 days before Christmas, on 22nd December 2011. We can’t wait to meet you both! We love you.

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