Our First Swimming Trip

From the moment we brought our twin girls home from hospital, I have been desperate to take them swimming. Today was that day!

What to take with you for baby:

* A swimming costume or baby wetsuit

* Swim nappies
* Baby’s normal nappies
* Baby lotion
* Hooded Towel for baby
* Baby sleep suit & vest
* Baby Blanket
* Baby’s milk

I was unsure about what sort of swim wear to buy for our girls. A wet suit type outfit or normal baby swimming costume. In the end I opted for the wet suit type and I’m glad I did. I bought mine from Tesco in their sale for £3.00!

We stayed in the water for about 20-30 minutes, then our girls started to get a bit shivery, so I am definitely glad we bought the wet suit type outfits for them.

As Twin Daddy and I entered the pool from the shallow end, I was scared of slipping and dropping or landing on our girls. Twin Daddy reassured me though that the floor was slip proof!!

Twin Daddy sat on the side of pool and dipped M’s feet in. I took a more direct approach and held R up to her waist in the water to start with. Both girls were delighted with their ‘Big Bath’ surroundings and soon started kicking their legs, smiling and laughing!

The pool we took them to has a ‘lazy river’ which is a slow current that pushes you around, so Twin Daddy and I took the girls around it, much to their delight!

We had such a great time but are all a bit worn out now!! We are going to make swimming a weekly event. I can’t wait for next week!!

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