Oh Tonsillitis!

Last week our beautiful girls were struck down with tonsillitis. Again. It’s horrible. The first week before I even realised, R, had lost her appetite a little. I put it down to teething and also the fact that she had a bit of a snotty nose. The following week, however and things got worse. R, wouldn’t eat anything. She wasn’t sleeping as well as normal and she was most definitely quieter than normal much to M’s delight who decided to take full advantage! M would approach R and pull her dummy out, then swap it with hers and then do it again! M also took a shine to R’s hair and would stroke R’s head or pat her on the head! Quite amusing really, but R didn’t think so!


Anyway. I took both girls to the doctors on the Wednesday and the doctor did mention that it could be tonsillitis, as R’s throat was red. However, the doctor sent away with no prescription and said it should go of its own accord. I expressed my concern about R’s lack of appetite and the fact that she wasn’t drinking as much as normal, but I was just hushed away as a paranoid parent.


By Friday, I decided to take both girls back to the doctors. R started the week off with a barking cough. My initial concern was croup, but this wasn’t the case. R’s cough was still there, but nowhere near as bad as it had been, but she still hadn’t eaten and now she wasn’t drinking anything either so I was really worried. M had also started to develop a barking cough.


The doctor I saw was really friendly and after examining both girls, he said ‘No wonder they’re not eating their throats are really red.’ He prescribed a throat spray and some antibiotics and off we went. After a few days of the spray and antibiotics, R has improved and has started to get her appetite back. M had a really bad night not so long ago and literally just cried in pain every time she coughed. She hardly slept, poor thing. 


At least they are on the mend now though.


Oh Tonsillitis

Why you gotta visit us again so soon?


Our poor babies aren’t well

It’s all your fault!


They won’t eat

They won’t sleep


I just wanna make them better

Take away their pain


And hit you with a wet fish!

For messing with our girls!


How do you cope when your children are ill? Especially if you have twins and they’re both ill at the same time?


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