Night time potty training

It official! Potty training in our house is officially over and done with for now!
Both of our girls are fully potty trained in the day.

wasn’t in a rush to potty train them and I would have quite happily waited until they were three before I even thought about potty training, but our girls started showing signs that they were ready around two years and a few months.
I’ve heard that boys can take longer than girls to potty train so if you’re reading this and worrying about when the right time to start is – stop worrying! Do you know any adults who wear nappies? No, didn’t think so!
They’ll get there eventually. It’s just a matter of timing and being patient.
I have to say that I found potty training our girls surprisingly easy. That’s not to say I didn’t have moments where I felt unsure about whether the girls should go back to nappies and maybe I should try again in a few months, because I did think this on a number of occasions, but I never worried about it.
Potty training started quite naturally for us. The girls have always watched my husband and I when we’ve ‘needed to go’ so it was only a matter of time before they’d want a go on the toilet themselves.
In addition to this, for as long as I can remember we have always let the girls have some clothes free time in the evenings before bed. Obviously there were accidents, but we didn’t fuss. Instead we just said ‘never mind’ and cleaned it up. 

We soon introduced potties and the general idea that if you feel the need to go, try and make it to the potty rather than doing it where you stand!
Over a number of months we got there!
It did take M a little longer than R and I did think about popping her back in a nappy so that we could try again in a month or two, but I’m glad I didn’t. I decided against this as I didn’t want to confuse her.
I remember the first time I ventured out with the girls with no nappies on. I was slightly terrified, but well prepared!
I had a portable potty, spare knickers and clothes and wet wipes, plus a few nappies in case it all got a bit too much.
didn’t want to go too far, so decided a trip to the park would be a good start. I explained to R and M beforehand that they had no nappies on and advised them that if they needed to go then to tell me so that  I could get the potty out.

I found things like asking them if they had a nappy on helped them to understand that they didn’t. Rather than me just telling them they didn’t have one on. I think this way helped them to gain a better understanding as they would check themselves if they had a nappy on and soon realise that they didn’t.
I made sure before I left the house that they had both had a go on the potty. Sometimes they would be happy to oblige, but other times I would have to use a bit of bribery by asking if Teddy could watch and that usually worked!
All the way to the park I would ask now and again if they needed a wee. When we arrived I promptly got the portable potty out and asked them both to have a go. Teddy made an appearance again!
When it was time to leave the park, I got the potty out again and asked them again if they wanted to go.
We arrived home dry!
Although, within five minutes of walking through the front door M had an accident! I’m not sure if it was pure luck that she didn’t do this when we were out or just good timing!
Anyhow, we now have two potty trained girls in the day. I’ve gone from being quite nervous about taking our nappy free twins out to being very confident, 100% confident in fact, about going out with them now. Plus it’s also great that my changing bag is a lot lighter without the weight of all those nappies!
Now all we need to do is figure out the whole potty training at night thing! Anyone have any tips?
Again, I’m not in a rush with this, but I like to be prepared!
I mean it’s not as if you can wake them every half hour to ask them if they need to go!
I know we should be keeping an eye on their nappies every morning to see if they’re lighter and drier, but aside from this I’m stumped!
I guess thinking about it, another change we’d need to make is changing their cots into beds. I’m not in a rush to do this because R wriggles around everywhere and I worry she’d fall out, although I guess we could look into getting a bed guard.
M is in bed with us every night anyway so that’s a whole new challenge to deal with. I mean I don’t want her weeing on our duvet in the night! She sleeps on top of the duvet in between her daddy and me so a mattress protector wouldn’t make any difference with her!
Have you successfully potty trained your little one at night? Can you offer me any tips? Please!

7 thoughts on “Night time potty training

  1. ah congrats, i am still not there yet with Chunk, partly because having to constantly know where toilets are and asking if he wants to pee are something my brain fears lol

  2. This is amazing – well done girls – I on the other hand have NO interest hehe. I can sit but never go, I'm sure I will when I'm ready. My mum used to dream wee big bro about 11pm and that would see him through till morning??? Maybe worth a go xx Ax

  3. Well done little ladies. I would suggest waking them as you go to bed and popping them on the toilet or if you are using nappies to put pants on under the nappy so they can sense their wetness but not get it on the duvet.

  4. The dream weeing thing worked for my eldest in the end too. But quite a lot of friends have found that the wee just dries up naturally at night – after they had had sufficient dry nappies in the morning, they just took them off. I'm currently aiting to see if that happens with my daughter before I take further action.

  5. Well done for potty training twins, fab. Little 2 night trained just a month after being day trained at 2 years old, she just had dry nappies for 2 weeks in a row and we took them off, success with one or two accidents but then she gave up her day time nap a month ago and after being dry at night for 4 months started wetting every other night and after 3 weeks of sodden 5am bed sheets i pursuaded her back into nappies at night (she hates them now and it is a fight), she is still wetting 3 times a week, I have put this down to being so tired from not napping that she isn't waking when she needs to go anymore, I will carry on like this until she is dry most nights and try again.
    Having said that my eldest was 4 and a bit before she stopped using nappies at night (day trained at 25 months) and now she wakes around half 5 and goes for a wee then back to sleep, so it took another 2 years for her to be ready. When they are ready they will be dry in the morning and wake up needing a wee, i'd wait until them as wet beds at 5am are not great!!

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