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March 15, 2016

I’ve written previously about finances on my blog and as a working mum I often like to keep an eye on the shares that I hold in the company that I work for.  For me this doesn’t just mean checking the share price. I like to look at the entire picture so I tend to look at the FTSE-100. This is because the company I work for are part of this index.

I recently found out about News.Markets, which is an online website that keeps you ahead of the game by empowering your investment decisions by providing cutting edge financial markets news.

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Split into various categories to help make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, this website has lots of useful information for not just the UK, but also China, the EU and the US.

You can also find out about various companies who are in the FTSE-100, FTSE-250, plus find out about European stocks, US stocks and broker ratings.

I enjoy reading the news stories and with the UK budget fast approaching, it was interesting to read about how this Wednesday’s budget has the potential to move both the pound and UK government bonds, or gilts.
I was also intrigued to read that the sterling has been climbing against the dollar throughout March, and the yield on the 10-year gilt has been climbing too. There are, however suggestions that the budget could send the currency back down again.

One of my favourite sections of the News.Markets website is the video hub. It’s perfect if you’re busy or in a rush and want to get on with things whilst still being able to hear about the latest goings on. Videos contain topics such as:

  • Brett fears loom over UK construction industry
  • Has the sterling dropped too far?
  • 2016 UK stock picks
  • Top traded funds in December
So, if you’re looking for the latest financial news, why not pop over and take a look.

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