Fairy watering can

My Fairy Garden Watering Can Review

February 16, 2017

Back in 2015, our twin girls helped me to make a fairy garden. Ever since then, the fairies have been quite clever in leaving surprises and gifts out for our girls when they’ve been good.

Fairy Garden

It happens without warning. Usually when I’m on my way to pick the girls up from school. Whilst I’m out the fairies might make the girls their tea and have it ready on the table for them when they come home. Other times they’ve left little gifts like small jars of fairy dust or perhaps a new reading book, but this time they really have outdone themselves! They’ve only gone and left us a fairy watering can!

Fairy Watering Can

How magical is that! Not only is it super colourful, but it also comes with it’s very own fairy called, Fenn! She’s ever so dainty in her pretty pink and green dress. She’s barefoot which our girls think is great as they too love to be barefoot in the garden, and why not! The feeling of grass under your feet is pretty cool! 

Her translucent, sparkly wings shimmer in the sunshine and she has her very own swing hanging from the handle of the watering can!

Fairy swing

When she gets a bit tired of wants a rest she retreats to her fairy home via the door on the side of the watering can. The window doesn’t open, but the door does and it even has a little seat inside for Fenn to have rest after a hard day in the garden looking after her plants and flowers.

Fenn even has her own gardening tools which are kept safe either side of the door in their own special holders. Her fork and spade can be clipped in so they won’t fall out.

The best thing of all about this beautifully designed play set is that it’s actually a functioning watering and fairy house in one!

Fenn the fairy really does love to her water plants whilst playing on her swing. The sprinkler where the water comes out from is even shaped liked a flower and it can be removed for easy cleaning.

This cute fairy watering can is made of plastic, but it’s pretty durable and my girls will have hours of fun in the garden with it!

For the purpose of this review we were sent one Fairy Watering Can. All views and opinions are 100% my own.


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