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Mums – How do we find some time for ourselves?

December 1, 2014
It’s a common problem I imagine both mums and dads of small children face. ‘Me’ time.
As I look back at the last few days of my life I can recall that the most times I actually sat down in any one of those given days was four times. I sat down four times in one day!
It may sound like a lot, but listen to the reasons why I sat down four times and you’ll soon realise that four times in one day is not a lot when you have kids!
Once to give my girls their breakfast. Once to give them their lunch, once for a fairly long duration when we were playing together and once when they’d gone to bed!
Our twins will be three in February and obviously when my husband and I decided to have children we knew that the majority of our time would be spent looking after our children. I’m not complaining about this by the way! I’m just merely lusting after some ‘me’ time!
Gone are the days where I could sit down for an hour, maybe even an hour and a half whilst our girls napped. I could read a book, watch TV, trawl the internet for amusing videos or just read the news.
They don’t sleep in the day anymore! 

On one hand it’s a good thing because it means we’re free to spend our days however we want, going wherever we want, whenever we want, but on the other hand it means the only time my husband and I get to ourselves is the evenings, but even then it’s not really time to ourselves as we’re usually accompanied by a small child snoring next to us on the sofa!
I’m not wishing their lives away. I hate the thought of them going to school at barely even four years old. I think they’re too young and I want them to stay at home me with forever. You think I’m joking? I’m actually kind of serious!
Every night M will sleep on the sofa next to us until we go to bed and then we’ll bring her into bed with us. R is very good and will sleep in her cot all night.
In fairness, M does sleep all night and I don’t mind her being in bed with us as she’s a very still sleeper, I just wish she would stay in her cot at least until we go to bed so we have some time to ourselves!
I’d love to spend a little time reading some of the books that I’m yet to read and sorting through the many photos I have of the girls and sticking them into the many empty photo albums I have.
I’d love to have a film night with my husband and order a takeaway whilst watching one of the films we haven’t even taken out of the cellophane yet.
We’ve had a few days, well hours, away from our girls before where we’ve gone to the cinema or for some food, but I always feel weird about leaving them just so my husband and I can spend some time together.
Even on the odd occasion when I’ve had to pop out to the shops for some bread and milk or when I’ve gone shopping with my sister, I feel like I need to rush just so I can get home to the girls again! I miss them terribly when I’m away from them!
I’m not asking for a day away from them, just an evening where they both sleep in their cots all night!
Do you get any ‘me’ time? How do you make time for yourself?


  • Catriona Stephen

    December 1, 2014 at 9:01 am

    Since being back at uni I get some 'me' time between lectures as I've got a few hours gap and wouldn't be fair on Osian to pick him up just to take him back to nursery an hour later. My 'me' time is often spent in the library but some days I take a little break and pop to the shops or go out for lunch if my mums on her lunch break. It doesn't feel right though, I feel like I'm missing a limb when Osian's not out and about with me 🙁 me and Nathan are yet so do anything but we usually watch a film or get a takeaway on his two evenings off. Hope you get an evening to yourself soon 🙂 xxx

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